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Next Friday, Disney is releasing a new “Cut Paper” version of the “Arendelle Castle Yule Log,” which has been handcrafted from paper with custom designs by acclaimed Visual Development Artist Brittney Lee. Walt Disney Animation Studios (“Frozen,” “Frozen 2” and decorator on “Myth: A Frozen Tale”), the Arendelle castle Yule log: paper cut edition brings a festive spirit to the holiday season .

Using stylized cutouts for the fire shapes combined with traditional and digital visuals, and a fireplace corner painting featuring the silhouettes of ‘Frozen’ favorites Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven, the stage is set for a warm holiday gathering, with just a touch of snow provided by Elsa. Fire, lighting and other visual effects complete the picture and bring some holiday magic straight from Arendelle to your living room.

Brittney was inspired by the charade scene in “Frozen 2” and her experimental work on “Myth: A Frozen Tale”, as well as the desire to create the feeling of looking in a homemade diorama, as part of her process. design of this unique holiday treat.

Veteran Disney Animation effects animator Dan Lund and visual effects supervisor Darin Hollings of the Studio’s Creative Legacy team (who first suggested Brittney as the ideal artist for this new episode of Yule Log) worked in working closely with Brittney (in her role here as a creator and production designer) to help her achieve the look and style she wanted for the Yule Log.

Amy Astley, senior vice president of advertising and communications, creative heritage and branding, Walt Disney Animation Studios, produced the project, with Angela D’Anna as associate producer. Thomas Rickert was the editor and Gabe Guy supervised
the re-recording mix. The veterans of “Frozen”, Peter Del Vecho (producer) and Michael Giaimo (decorator), also brought their expertise.

Brittney Lee had just completed her art direction assignments on the 2021 Disney feature films, “Raya and the Last Dragon” and “Encanto,” when she was approached to bring her unique talents to the Disney + Yule Log edition of. This year. She explained:

“The original concept was to make everything out of cut paper, but things turned and evolved a bit from that when we brought in our visual effects experts. The starting point for me was to build a real diorama with five main structural layers, including a foyer. The dimensions were approximately 32 x 20 inches, and my husband helped me set it up with real LED lights. Each layer was then individually photographed and digital files created to prepare it for animation, ambient effects and composition by Darin and Dan.

For the last Yule log, I cut out three levels of flames inspired by the beautiful digitally animated fire demos that Dan Lund had created. Using this as a template, I cut out negative and positive shapes and photographed them in various experimental ways. I backlit the negatives so I felt like the light was going through them. The end result was a stylized effect
that had an ambient texture and glow, and felt a bit more tactile than a real fire. It’s a literal representation of what we were looking for. It is as if you are looking for something that is homemade and sparkles like a candle.

“Dan has been on the ‘Frozen’ team for as long as I have and knows my aesthetic language. We took the same trip to experience the magic of Elsa and all kinds of things. For the fire in the Yule log, he noticed that my cutout paper flames had a slit in the middle. He really liked this design element and the kind of mid-century feel it evoked, so he made sure to keep it going with its lively effects. He used different colors and values ​​to preserve and strengthen it. The end result is my original paper cutouts with Dan’s visual effects magically fused together. It is a joint effort of a loving team. I gave Dan and Darin something to start with, but I think it’s magic because of them.

Working with paper is something I really love. It’s a strange passion for me. I like it because it’s tangible and sometimes I like to get away from the computer. “Christmas is my big birthday. In my tiny house, I have at least two Christmas trees every year. We don’t have our own fireplace so I always end up putting a log on the TV to get a fire lit. I am very happy to have this year a unique log based on my creations. I think the best compliment for our work came from Amy (Astley) during a review session on Zoom where she said it was so comfy, she just wanted to grab a blanket and snuggle up. I share this feeling and hope everyone finds it warm and inviting and a cute little piece to wear while on vacation.

Here are some pictures of how Brittney Lee made this new edition:

The Arendelle Castle Yule Log: Cut Paper Edition will debut exclusively on Disney + on December 17, 2021.

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