Wizart Animation releases trailer for Frozen and the Princess

Snow Queen is back, and by Snow Queen, I don’t mean Elsa. Disney isn’t the only studio having fun adapting the classic story from Russia-based animation studio Hans Christian Anderson Assistant released the teaser for their upcoming fifth title in their Snow Queen series! The trailer is available below.

What sets these movies apart from the Disney movies is that they follow the original story a bit more closely…at least the first movie. It’s what makes these movies worth a watch rather than a pass-off and what makes them labeled as a “Disney bootleg.” Snow Queen follows Gerda, the protagonist of the original short story, as she sets out to rescue her friend Kai who has been kidnapped by the Snow Queen. Along the way, Gerda is guided by Orm, one of the Frozen’s henchmen trolls. Friendships are made, secrets are revealed, and success was in Wizart’s future. The film premiered in 2012 and was a big hit both domestically and internationally, grossing $13.6 million on its $7 million budget.


Of course, the film’s success meant that Wizart would revisit these characters. Frozen 2: The Snow King created in 2014 and focused on Orm the troll. The Troll King promises a grand prize to anyone who can save his family from the now abandoned Frozen Palace, and Orm jumps at the chance. Frozen 2: The Snow King was as successful as the first film, earning $15.6 million on its $6.5 million budget! Wizart officially had a franchise now.

The studio was quick to work on the third installment of their Snow Queen series, in 2016 they delivered with Frozen 3: Fire and Ice. The third adventure puts the focus back on Gerda and Kai as the pair go to visit Orm in Trollland. There they meet a boy named Rollan, who tells them about a mysterious wishing stone. Gerda teams up with Rollan to find the Stone, hidden in a temple full of traps. When the two finally find the stone, a curse is triggered. Gerda receives the power of ice, while Rollan receives the power of fire. The children are now tasked with undoing the curse before it’s too late! This film was particularly successful, earning $24.6 million of its $6.3 million. Wizart was on a roll!

With such success, Wizart immediately got to work on the fourth installment. In 2018 Frozen: Mirrorlands has been freed. The film follows Gerda and Kai, now reunited with their parents after the events of Frozen 3: Fire and Ice. Gerda is frustrated, the family turns out to be full of magic wielders, including her brother, but Gerda has been blessed without any magic. The kingdom they move to is ruled by King Harald, who is also a master inventor. One day, Harald invites all the magicians to his palace, but it turns out to be a trick. With all magic users banished to the Mirrorlands, Gerda is separated from her family. Gerda sets off to find the family she lost, while Kai and his parents travel through the Mirror Lands to find a way out. The film was another hit for Wizart, earning $10 million on a $6 million budget.

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Return of the Snow Queen


Now here we are, with the return of Wizart to their hit world of magic and ice! This time, however, there is a twist. While the Snow Queen herself is officially back, the film will focus on an all-new star, her daughter Ila. Animation Magazine sums up the upcoming movie.

The Snow Queen and the Princess, the fifth film in the series, will introduce a charismatic new character: the misbehaving little witch Ila, the Snow Queen’s daughter, who lives in the Mirror Lands and accidentally frees the dangerous frozen spirits from their age-old imprisonment in Lake Gao. The icy spirits break free in the Mirrorlands and enter the peaceful and quiet town of Gerda and Kai, intending to freeze all of its inhabitants. Having realized his mistake, Ila ventures into the outside world to ask Kai and Gerda for help. Together, the heroes embark on an exciting adventure to save both the human world and the Mirrorlands. In this journey, the little witch will learn to master her magic and overcome her childish whims, selfishness and fears.

What especially makes the Snow Queen the films stand out from the Disney mega-franchise Frozen are the vast and fun world-building concepts. Whether you think of them as cheap knockoffs or genuinely fun attempts at fairy tale adventures, it’s always a pleasure to see studios around the world succeed and grow. And I’m sure fans of Gerda, Kai, Orm and now Ila are ready to band together and get ready for another unforgettable adventure.

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