Why Lightyear’s Taika Waititi Isn’t Afraid to Rip Off Pixar’s Masterpieces

At a recent press event for “Lightyear,” Taika Waititi was asked about her thoughts on how Pixar makes its movies after being a part of “Lightyear.”

Waititi began by outlining what he enjoyed most about the studio, noting, “I think, especially with Pixar, it’s the relentless pursuit of a perfect story.” Taika went on to explain that he often returns to many different Pixar animated films, not only for his personal entertainment, but also to study how these projects are structured. Waititi noted that Pixar can “do it annoyingly every time” and concluded by saying he wasn’t afraid to admit he was tearing up Pixar’s methods and structures when considering his own. cinema, simply because it inspired him.

Although Waititi is already an accomplished filmmaker, whether or not he draws ideas from Pixar movies, he told Interview Magazine in 2012 that he didn’t really expect to be one. In fact, he liked art and painting more, but also liked comedy and theater. Making movies was just something he did, but when “Boy” started winning awards, he “inadvertently got a job.” Either way, fans are sure to soon see great examples of Waititi’s talents as an actor in “Lightyear” and as a filmmaker in “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

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