Which 90s / 00s Nickelodeon show are you, based on your zodiac?


For kids who grew up in the 1990s and early 2000s, Nickelodeon was synonymous with non-stop fun and entertainment. Avid viewers would wake up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons or tune in to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards to see celebrities covering themselves in lime slime.

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With so many styles and genres on the channel between their live and animated productions, it seemed like there was a show for every personality – especially the twelve personality types depicted in the horoscope star signs.

12 Aries: Amanda’s Show

If there’s one sign that has the dedication and energy to play as many memorable characters as Amanda Bynes did on Amanda’s show, it’s Aries. For someone who’s always on the move, a live-action comedy show filled with shenanigans like his is the perfect match.

Not only that, Aries are notoriously passionate creatives, and any unique sketches and wild personalities would keep their minds buzzing. As brave Zodiac Warriors, a studio audience wouldn’t phase an Aries at all.

11 Taurus: Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Moz, Ned and Cookie in Ned's declassified school survival guide banner

The school is an ideal setting for a show centered on Taurus; there is a lot of routine and stability and endless opportunities to learn new things and exercise the brain. On top of that, a Taurus is the perfect person for school survival advice; they know their surroundings very well and hold honesty in high regard, so the advice they give can be trusted.

It wouldn’t be too surprising for a Taurus to be friends with school staff either, as they are certainly one of the more mature signs and get along well with adults.

ten Gemini: all that


Always a chameleon, Gemini can wear a lot of different hats and don’t like being put in a box. Variety shows are the best way to describe them, so All that is nostalgic for Gemini Nickelodeon go to.

With sketches that change each episode and a starry and versatile cast, All that never gets boring. This is called the child version of SNL, and the comedy takes on a real intelligent mind and an outgoing nature, which Gemini possesses. With the flexible nature of the plot and the characters, Gemini is at home.

9 Cancer: as said by Ginger

Ginger lying on her bed reading her newspaper

Sentient Writer Ginger is a thoughtful and emotionally sensitive Cancer on one of Nickelodeon’s top shows, As said by Ginger. For example, her friends are very important to her and she protects her family unit a bit (especially in the context of her mother’s impending second marriage).

Ginger cares a lot and knows how to express her feelings very well, thanks to her journal that she writes daily. She’s nice to everyone, and once she’s loyal to you, she is for life.

8 Lion: the wild thorns

Zodiacal Leo and warm as the sun on a safari, Lions exude the energy of Thornberry wildlife tours. Brave enough to venture into the jungle with their family, Lions are generally generous with their time, money, and energy – and that fits perfectly with the theme of Wild thorns: conservation of wildlife and environmentalism.

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The Lions would 10,000% live in an RV and do so in the wild if they did so to achieve a goal they set for themselves, and the Thornberrys goal is to save animal lives at all costs.

7 Virgo: SpongeBob SquarePants

Nickelodeon SpongeBob

Of course, the Virgo show has to go to the incarnation of “Employee of the Month”: SpongeBob Squarepants. Reliable, kind and hardworking, SpongeBob SquarePants is a true Virgo. He gets up every morning to put on his shirt and tie, feed his pet he’s definitely emotionally attached to, and work at the Krusty Krab.

He would give up whatever he has to help a friend in need and has enough creativity to imagine a whole world in a cardboard box. That, and he has the patience to do what is basically catching butterflies underwater.

6 Libra: Zoey 101

Zoey 101

Libras love a tight-knit and vibrant social community, and the Pacific Coast Academy is just that. With a robust set of extracurricular activities and romances in abundance, they would experience it on the plateau of Zoey 101.

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As zodiac peacekeepers, Libras would be more than equipped to handle the sometimes dramatic events of a boarding school, and as trusted listeners, they would be the first to know the scoop of any one. situation, especially when it comes to who has a crush on whom.

5 Scorpio: are you afraid of the dark?

Are you scared of the dark?  kids on Nickelodeon

The Scorpios are the only ones who are both brave and curious enough that campfire ghost stories are their Nickelodeon character. Fighting shadow men and demons is a snap for a Scorpio. The ghost stories smothered by a crackling fire in an exclusive midnight society are almost like spooky secrets, which Scorpios definitely have an affinity for.

And, since Scorpios are one of the more honest signs, it’s safe to say that their ghost stories are probably almost always true. Why have Halloween once a year when you can have Halloween every day on cable with one of Nick’s best live action shows, Are you scared of the dark?

4 Sagittarius: rocket power

Rocket Power dvd Nickelodeon characters

The free-spirited skater vibes in a beach town of SoCal are popular with Sagittarians. An independent group, Rocket power‘s Otto, Reggie, Twister and Sam wander around town and embark on their own adventures. They are also compassionate enough to use part of this adventure to do things like clean up the beach covered in garbage and good at problem solving; therefore, when the waste reappears, they are skilled enough to go to the source and find that there is a hole in the wall of the landfill.

Sagittarians are trustworthy friends and fun to be around. Finally, there were always extreme sports activities in Rocket power it would spark great curiosity in any Sag, whether it’s skateboarding, surfing, or snowboarding.

3 Capricorn: legends of the hidden temple

Legends of the Hidden Temple TV movie in preparation

A game show on the theme of ancient history? Capricorns are everywhere. They are highly competitive, hardworking, and ambitious, so beating competitors in physical challenges and answering questions based on history, geography, and mythology to win a grand prize is exactly the kind of fun Capricorns enjoy.

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They would undoubtedly answer any questions aloud and jump into the living room to try and recreate the many obstacle courses and stunts in the show. But don’t worry, Capricorns are also one of the most responsible signs, so they most definitely cleaned up any fallen pillows or cushions after they were done.

2 Aquarius: Power Rangers Mighty Morphin

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie

Aquarians are constantly changing, like the air, and want to improve the world they live in. That’s why an evolving group of overpowered protectors are the perfect Nickelodeon show for this sign. The Power Rangers fight for justice, a value dear to Aquarians, and they combine their intellects to combat otherworldly threats against Earth and teach valuable life lessons along the way.

They are each very unique and original, another trait known to Aquarius, and each of them brings their own style to their position within the team, with their own animal and color.

1 Pisces: Unfabulous

Emma Roberts as Addie in Unfabulous

A musical interlude when emotions get too strong is exactly what all Pisces need. Pisces are the youngest sign in the zodiac and one of the most creative, so they can relate to Unfabulous‘Addie Singer and her artistic flair on one of Nick’s best shows of the 2000s.

Is henna a normal way to counter a bad break-in with a curling iron? No, but it’s definitely a more creative path to take, and Pisces would be fine with that. Learning life lessons about being comfortable in your own skin and navigating tricky situations definitely appeals to the empathetic nature of Pisces, who are very attuned to emotions – theirs and those of them. others.

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