What is the Worm Thunder event?

thunder of war became well known for doing it all on April Fool’s Day, so fans can’t wait to find out exactly what kind of event is planned for 2022.

Since the “Little Ponies in The Sky” event for April Fools 2013, the thunder of war the developers haven’t let players down since. Last year’s April Fool’s Day prank saw a double whammy as two events took place simultaneously, the first being the TailSpin event, which featured a new art style for planes from the Disney animation of the 1960s. 1990, Talespin.

The second of last year’s events was the Warfare 2077 event, which showcased futuristic vehicles with advanced weaponry, technology, and defense systems, all focused on what the future of combat might look like.

So, with a brand new week-long event set to arrive again for 2022, what is thunder of war have this April Fool’s Day in store for fans?

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War Thunder – Red Skies Update Trailer

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War Thunder – Red Skies Update Trailer






War Thunder April Fool’s Day 2022: Worm Thunder Event

To celebrate April Fool’s Day 2022, thunder of war will host a massive three-week event known as “Worm Thunder”.

The event is now a live game and will end on April 25 at 11:00 GMT. According to the developers, the objective of the mission is to control three key points in the desert. The Houses of Taurus and Falcon use the same Imperial combat vehicles, but each House has its own unique combat unit. It is also advisable to proceed with extreme caution, as gunfire and high-speed movement attract the sandworm.

During the event, players can earn 12 Marks of Distinction by completing stages on the Sand Path to earn a unique title, portraits, crests, and cinnamon bags. Check out the rewards below:

  • Profile icon
  • April Chest Key х1
  • Profile icon
  • noble house decal
  • April Chest Key х3
  • Profile icon
  • noble house decal
  • Cinnamon packet
  • Decorator “Creemonial Cris”
  • Cinnamon packet
  • “Desert Father” Loading Screen
  • Title “Cinnamon Collector”

New vehicles are also included for the event, details of which can be found below:


  • Fast and agile 4×4 wheeled all-terrain vehicle armed with twin plasma autocannons and Red Spear anti-tank guided missiles.


  • The main battle tank of the Empire. The main caliber of the CT-T is a 140 mm rifled anti-tank gun. Auxiliary weapon – 30 mm autocannon on top of the turret. The tank features a tracked chassis, smoke grenade launchers and combination armor.


  • Heavily armored MLRS provide fire support to allies.


  • A light-strike ornithopter with universal Fire Stone guided missiles and an autocannon turret is capable of hitting ground and air targets both at high speeds and while hovering.


  • A special House of Falcon assault tank, which uses a high-frequency sonic pulse to destroy armored vehicle crews in a wide area of ​​action.


  • Double-barreled heavy tank of the House of Taurus with a nuclear power plant. The tank’s 180mm guns are extremely effective against all ground targets. When a tank is destroyed, the reactor annihilates with a nuclear explosion, killing everything within a certain radius of the D-OTR.

For more details on the new Worm Thunder event, visit the official website War Thunder website.

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