Unboxing and other games that look like Pixar movies

There’s So Much More To Games Than Shooting Bad Guys And Playing Fifa. The ever-growing industry is extremely diverse and constantly evolving to incorporate titles of all shapes and sizes and address topics such as racism, mental health issues, self-identity and the future of humanity. and the environment. While casual observers may consider games the movie industry’s inferior cousin, many video games offer the kind of emotional resonance, maturity, and carefully crafted narratives associated with the big screen.

Pixar has built a reputation for creating powerful, nuanced, and accessible stories of self-discovery, hope, and redemption, as well as delivering some of the most beautiful and arresting effects around. However, there are many games that evoke the same kind of effect in interactive media.

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Unboxing is a relaxing zen gem

Sometimes the beauty of a game is in the unerring simplicity of its premise. In Unpacking, players are presented with nothing more than a room and a few boxes. They must unpack each one and place the items on or in the appropriate places, whether in shelves, drawers, closets or elsewhere.

The secret of Unpacking is that he creates something orderly and eerily beautiful seemingly out of nothing, each piece becoming more vibrant, lived-in, and authentic as more and more objects find their way to their respective homes. Like a relaxing, almost meditative experience, Unpacking is a gentle and kind illustration of everything falling into place, reminding players to take the time to clean up the world and, by extension, its mind and soul in the process.

It Takes Two is a comforting journey of healing and rediscovery

Video games have become better at exploring complex, mature, and often dark subject matter with nuance and innovation. It’s easy to think that the gaming market is nothing more than casual violence and cheap thrills, but the industry has evolved to tackle issues related to environmental disasters, mental health and, in the case of It takes twothe trials and tribulations of love and marriage.

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It takes two centers on Rose, a young girl whose parents, Cody and May, are considering divorce. Distraught, Rose’s tears imbue a pair of dolls resembling her parents with life, trapping her mother and father inside the dolls and forcing them to overcome a series of tasks to regain their human form. Aided by Dr. Hakim, an anthropomorphized therapy book, Cody and May learn to work together to return to Rose and mend their fractured bond. A testament to the unique power a game can have to convey a meaningful message, It takes two has the beauty, wonder and sincerity of Pixar’s best offerings.

Ori and the Blind Forest is a feast for the senses

It’s hard to find many games that come close to the sensory experience that Moon Studio conjures up. Ori and the blind forest. Following the adventures of a young orphan who seeks to save his forest home from darkness, Or I combines the platform with a range of mechanics to deliver a smooth and fluid gaming experience.

Visually sublime and featuring a haunting soundtrack courtesy of Gareth Coker, who would go on to win an Ivor Novello for his work on the game’s sequel, Or I is a mystical, almost spiritual experience that lingers long after the lights have gone out and the music has ceased. Followed by an equally magnificent sequel in the form of Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Or I proves that games can be just as engaging, captivating and evocative as their big-screen counterparts.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits looks like a classic Pixar adventure

Ember Lab’s first game was an underrated gem of 2021, enticing gamers with gorgeous game design. In Kena: Bridge of Spirits, the player takes control of a young spirit guide with various magical abilities as she searches for a sacred mountain shrine. With a variety of fun mechanics, including using a staff for melee attacks, a bow for ranged attacks, and interesting puzzles, Kena often feels like an endearing cross between grave robber and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The beauty, wonder and charm of Kena make them the closest players who can immerse themselves in a real Pixar movie.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a good time for the eyes

As graphics and hardware continue to evolve, the realm once reserved for sound bloops and blurry pixels now offers titles with quite breathtaking visual fidelity. Released on the PlayStation 5 to commercial and critical success, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart threatened to shatter the established order by presenting a visual feast so arresting that it truly seemed to challenge major movie animation studios for primacy.

Lucky for Ratchet & Clank Fans, Flaw apart plays as well as it looks, delivering gameplay as tight and rewarding as ever and easily one of the best chapters in the series to date. With great characters, a solid storyline, and lots of genuine heart, Flaw apart aims to match Pixar in many areas beyond mere aesthetics.

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Little Nightmares is reminiscent of Pixar’s dark side

Pixar films may be primarily kid-friendly affairs, but there’s nothing more relevant to the child’s experience than the feeling of fear and helplessness in an overwhelming and intimidating world. Dark and surreal imagery of toy story films to explore the emotional nuances and mental health in Upside down, Pixar is often at its best when delving into the darkest recesses of childhood.

Few games capture this distorted sense of bewilderment and uncertainty better than the little nightmares games, a pair of truly spooky yet expertly crafted puzzle platformers from Bandai Namco Entertainment. Neither title is scary in any overt or macabre sense, but the twisted, weird worlds they create are perfect evocations of all the bad childhood dreams we wish we could forget.

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