TV Recap: “Disney Holiday Magic Quest” 2021 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Stars disney channel‘s ZOMBIES the trilogy returned to Walt disney world Seaside resort for the second Disney Holiday Magic Quest. Last year, Milo Manheim, Ariel Martin, Pearce Jorza and Kylee Russell took on Maleficent and The Evil Queen in Magic kingdom (to verify the recap of last year for all the details). This year Milo and Kylee return and bring two different cast mates, Meg Donnelly and Trevor Tordjman. This year’s game takes place indoors Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


With the park to themselves, the four Disney Channel stars make their way to Hollywood Boulevard where a Christmas tree is surrounded by Christmas presents, Hanukkah and Kwanza and Mickey and Minnie Mouse welcome them in their 50th anniversary costumes. They are ready for another fun game night and split up into teams, with Milo and Kylee becoming the Red Team and Meg and Trevor making the Green Team.

Suddenly the park darkens and Maleficent returns, shattering the star at the top of the tree and scattering three pieces throughout the park. On their magic tablets, the teams receive messages from Yvette Nicole Brown from Big beanie and The big lie to Disney +, which gives them their options of where to go next. The red team chooses Toy Story Land and the green team decides to go to Star wars: Edge of the galaxy.

In Toy Story Land, Sarge, the leader of the Green Army Men, has set up a giant obstacle course and Milo and Kylee have to travel it with a giant Pixar ball. When they knock over batteries, they have to stop and take penalties, like skipping rope or jumping jacks. After completing the class, their next task is to paint the Pixar Ball while rolling Slinky Dog Dash. They only have one brush, so Milo holds the bucket of water while Kylee paints. They only have three chances to get it right, using the right colors and staying inside the lines, but they are successful on their third pass. After that, they receive a gift with the first third of the star.

Meanwhile, the Green Team heads to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge where Yvette shows them a symbol they must find on Batuu. Kylo Ren and his First Order Stormtroopers patrol the country and must avoid getting caught. They are pursued, but find the symbol outside the droid depot. Then they have to find all the pieces and build BB-8, which brings them back outside where Trevor is taken by the First Order. Meg receives help from Chewbacca, who gives her a First Order uniform so she can sneak aboard their Star Destroyer to save Trevor. She narrowly avoids Kylo Ren before reuniting with Trevor and they are both saved by the Resistance and the Council. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance to return to Batuu safely. Chewbacca then gives them a gift with a third of the star inside.

Now that both teams have completed their missions in each country, they need help figuring out where to go next. They each receive a call from a surprise guest. For the Red Team, the call comes from Ariel Martin and her mom, who tell them they have to do dances inspired by the characters from Toy Story to “Puppy for Hanukkah” and they have to guess the characters. After getting three correct answers, they can tell them where to go. The call for the Green Team comes from Trevor’s mother and brother, who are building a LEGO Star Wars, and they have to guess what it is. It ends up being a Imperial light cruiser of The Mandalorian. The two teams are brought to The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror.

The Red Team first arrives at the Hollywood Tower Hotel where they work as a bellboy. Their first task is to put on uniforms and inspect the hotel elevators. They scream as they fall over and over as the Green Team catches up to them and sets off on the race. Three suitcases in the colors of each team have been left on the hotel grounds for them to find and they rush to bring all three back to the lobby. Once they’re all put together, they find they had letters on them and spelled out “Joy” and “Toy”. A disturbed bellboy tells them to go back to where the night started.

The teams return to the tree with just four minutes until sunrise, but Maleficent reappears. She increases the number of gifts around the tree and announces that the last piece of the star is inside one of them, but there’s no way they’ll find it in time. They get to work, feverishly opening the presents and it’s Meg who finds the last piece of the star. The teams work together to combine them, restoring the park lights and sending Maleficent back. Mickey and Minnie Mouse come back to congratulate the four players.

Yvette Nicole Brown reveals that the purpose of the luggage messages, “Joy” and “Toy”, was because gamers can bring joy to children through a donation made on their behalf to Toys for Tots. Viewers can also share the magic of the holidays by visiting to learn more.

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