Turning Red Abby Is Boo From Monsters Inc Theory Debunked By Director

Turning Red director Domee Shi denies rumors that Abby’s character is an adult version of Boo from Pixar‘s previous Monster’s Inc.

turn red director Domee Shi has debunked a popular fan theory about the film’s character Abby. turn red, which debuted exclusively on the Disney+ streaming platform on February 21, is Pixar’s latest animated project. The film is set in Toronto in 2002 and follows a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian girl named Mei (Rosalie Chiang) who discovers that a family curse will cause her to turn into a giant red panda whenever she experiences a strong emotion. One of the ways Mei combats this trend is by focusing on loving her close-knit group of friends, all of whom are obsessed with the fictional boy band 4*Town.


A standout character in this group of friends is Abby, a Korean-Canadian character voiced by Hyein Park. She is notable for her frequent bursts of energy, her particular obsession with 4*Town member Tae Young, and her love for Mei’s fuzzy red panda form. She usually wears a pink ensemble with a matching headband and her hair done in a short fringe across her forehead. This led many netizens to notice her resemblance to Boo, the young daughter of Monsters Inc. who befriends the monster Sully and leads to the monster universe running on laughter rather than screams. Boo is also depicted with dark, bold bangs and a pink t-shirt, lending credence to the popular theory that Boo grew up to be the turn red personage.

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During an interview with CartoonMovie, Shi was asked bluntly about the fan theory. She completely shut down the rumors, confirming that Abby is not meant to be an adult Boo. However, she loves theory and doesn’t want to stifle fan creativity, especially when it leads to people.”understand that Boo is Korean.” Read the full quote below:

Oh yeah, I saw that. I saw this TikTok. I don’t want to spoil people’s conspiracy theory, rabbit hole investigations, because it’s still super fun, but Abby isn’t an older Boo, unfortunately. You know, they could be related. I can see the similarity with the hair. I also like the idea of ​​people understanding that Boo is Korean. That’s great. I support that!

Turning Red Abby and Monsters Inc Boos wears

This theory wasn’t entirely off limits considering how the Pixar universe tends to be interconnected. In addition to most Pixar projects featuring a variety of recurring Easter eggs like the Pizza Planet truck, the Luxo ball, and the number A113, the films tend to be filled with references to other Pixar projects, including understood Monsters Inc. himself, which featured a Nemo toy in Boo’s room. Indeed, Shi’s film is already guilty of this, because turn red has a hidden reference to Light yearthe next Pixar film due to hit theaters in June.

While Shi has, unfortunately, put the kibosh on this particular theory, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more devious hidden material to probe. turn red. Like every Pixar project, there remain many detailed layers of thematic significance, character insight, and inter-film continuity to explore. Ironically, the popularity of this theory most likely means that, if Abby reappears in a sequel or short, she’ll likely be surrounded by intentional Boo references the next time around.

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