Turbo Voice Cast & Character Guide

Ryan Reynolds takes first place as the titular protagonist of Turbo, but who else is in the animation? Here’s a guide to the voice and character cast of Turbo.

Here is a guide for Turbos cast of voices and characters. Since the creation of animation studio DreamWorks Animation in the 1990s, they have introduced a multitude of anthropomorphic creatures who embark on all manner of crazy adventures – karate-cutting pandas (the Kung Fu Panda movies) to mafia fish (Shark story), the disputed bees (Bee movie) and the penguin spies (the Madagascar franchise). With 2013 animation Turbo, DreamWorks featured another crazy creature in the form of a snail with a serious need for speed.

Turbo is the directorial debut of DreamWorks host David Soren who pitched his idea for the film as Fast Furious but with snails – which is an irresistible concept. Set in Los Angeles, the animated film adventure tells the story of an ordinary snail (the titular Turbo) who dreams of greater things than working hard in the suburban tomato garden where he works. He wants to become the fastest runner in the world like his hero, the five-time Indy 500 winner Guy Gagné. Turbo’s ambition seems to be a pipe dream until one day a freak accident puts him on the path to achieving his goal.


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The film arrived in 2013 and received mixed reviews from critics, but its talented cast received high praise. Read on for a quick guide to Turbo cast of voices and characters.

Vocal casting of the movie Turbo 2013

Ryan Reynolds – Turbo

Movie star Ryan Reynolds (dead Pool) is the voice behind the film’s protagonist, the outsider (or rather the snail), Turbo. He is ridiculed by his fellow garden snails for dreaming of becoming the world’s fastest racer until he gains super speed powers after a break-in with the supercharger of a Chevrolet Camaro fused his DNA with nitrous oxide. Soon Turbo becomes the star of a local snail racing circuit and aims to compete in the Indy 500.

Paul Giamatti – Chet

Voiced by Billion‘Paul Giamatti, Chet is Turbo’s older brother who is embarrassed that his brother’s ambitions have made him an outcast in their snail community. He’s still not happy when Turbo gains his new super speed, but Chet’s loyalty to his brother wins out in the end.

Michael Pe̱a РTito Lopez

Michael Peña has had many memorable roles and lends his talents to the Turbo voiced as Tito Lopez – a taco truck owner who moonlights as a snail racer and captures Turbo to enter him in a race. The two quickly become friends after Turbo’s racing prowess brings tons of customs into Tito’s business and Tito agrees to help the Snail enter the Indy 500.

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Samuel L. Jackson – Whiplash

Whiplash is the de facto leader of the Snail Racing Circuit team and becomes Turbo’s mentor. If the voice of the gastropod is very familiar, it is because it is played by none other than Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction).

Bill Hader РGuy Gagn̩

Bill Hader (Computer Science: Chapter 2) completes the main Turbo voice interpreted in the role of Guy Gagné – the hero of the titular protagonist of the film. Five-time French-Canadian winner of the Indy 500, Guy soon proved that the saying “don’t meet your idols” rings true.

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