Toy Story 3 Easter Egg reveals what happened to Sid


Toy Story 3 features the franchise’s first villain with an Easter Egg cameo. Here’s what he reveals about what happened to Sid after Toy Story.

A Toy story 3 Easter egg reveals what happened to Sid afterwards Toy story. The third entry in Pixar’s beloved animated franchise brought Woody and Buzz Lightyear back for a very different kind of adventure. Toy story 3 revolves around Andy going to college and toys accidentally donated to Sunnyside Daycare. This is where Woody and his playmates meet the evil stuffed animal running the operation, Lotso Huggin Bear.

The addition of Lotso in Toy story 3 continued the franchise’s strong track record of creating big bad guys. It showed the dark side of toys abandoned by their original owners and was quite different from Toy story 2the villains of Al McWhiggan and Stinky Pete. However, Toy story originally started with a very different type of villain. While most of the movie is about Woody and Buzz’s rivalry, the real threat they and other toys face is Sid, the disturbing kid next door who loves Frankenstein toys together.

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Sid’s story ended in Toy story after Woody and the other toys came to life in front of him, which terribly frightened the Tyrant. Toy story 2 makes no mention of Sid or what happened to him after that scary moment, but a Toy story 3 The Easter egg solved the puzzle. The film included a cameo appearance by Sid that some might not have noticed. When Woody thinks Andy’s mom threw out his toy companions, he runs to the trash to save them before the garbage truck arrives. It is during this sequence that we can briefly see the garbage collector and that he is wearing a black shirt with a white skull under his work clothes. This garbage collector is Toy story‘s Sid several years later and still wears the same shirt from his youth.

The Toy story 3 Easter egg shows only a fraction of Sid’s life afterwards Toy story, but it’s better than nothing. Being a garbage collector may not seem like a glamorous job to most, but Sid seems to enjoy it when shown in Toy story 3. The old one Toy Story the villain seems to be very happy to listen to music and pick up other people’s garbage. It also makes a bit of sense for Sid to enjoy something like this, as he showed a habit of destroying things as a child. Now he’s paid to pick up items all over town and smash them with the garbage truck.

There are also other details about Sid’s life that can be gleaned from his Toy story 3 cameo. Since Sid is a garbage collector in the same neighborhood where he grew up, it stands to reason that he has never left town. It is even possible that he still lives with his family and remains next door to Andy in Toy story 3 all these years later. He might not have gone to college or attended a local school so that he could keep his job and be near his mother and sister. Although Toy story 3 doesn’t reveal much about Sid’s life, it’s great to have this little Easter egg and shows how well Pixar takes care of their films.

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  • Toy Story (1995)Release Date: November 22, 1995
  • Toy Story 3 (2010)Release Date: June 18, 2010

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