The Secret Reason Anna Stole Elsa’s Outfit

Frozen 2 artists explored character growth through costume design, including the dress Anna borrowed from Elsa to great effect.

Frozen 2 had a hill to climb to match the success of the 2013 original while bringing beloved characters forward, and one of the ways the sequel did that was by subtly altering Disney Princesses Elsa’s costume choices. and Anna. The costumes the sisters wore Frozen became instant hits with cosplayers and kids who dress up, and helped further develop the characters with nuanced visual cues. From Elsa’s ice dress and side braid to Anna’s Nordic-inspired woolens and pigtails, the clothes the two wore helped define them as much as their actions in Disney animation.


Two artists, Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay and Brittney Lee, designed and perfected the two heroines’ wardrobes, spending two years perfecting the sisters’ ensembles for Frozen 2. For some outfits, Sastrawinata-Lemay and Lee developed over a hundred variations before perfecting the perfect look for the adventurous and heroic sisters. Thanks to advances in computer animation and the new ability to add minute detail to costumes, artists hinted in drips at the changes the sisters had undergone in the three years between Frozen and Frozen 2.

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The artists originally designed Anna’s travel set for Elsa, but they felt the style didn’t match the sleekness Elsa displayed in the first film and wanted her confidence to still visibly remain. increases. Instead, they redesigned the Norwegian-inspired outfit for Anna, using the cape, higher hemline and highly detailed boots to show how much the princess had matured into. Frozen 2. By giving Anna the ensemble originally designed for Elsa, the designers were able to inject some of the stature that Anna lacked. Frozen, and the technology the animators had access to allowed for small details, including crocuses on the buttons and detailed stitching on Anna’s cape, travel dress, and boots. They also left her hair loose, which immediately aged the character who had always worn braids in Frozen. This, coupled with rich fabrics and jewel tones, evoked the magnificent coronation dress that Elsa wore in Frozen. This way Queen Anna looked royal even before she needed to, with Sastrawinata-Lemay and Lee openly explaining the real reason why Anna stole Elsa’s outfit in Frozen 2.

Elsa Frozen Two White Ice Spirit Outfit

Meanwhile, Elsa’s travel set in Frozen 2 was also revamped with leggings under her ice blue dress, giving her flexibility and maneuverability as she tackled the great outdoors and finally figured herself out. Her wardrobe Frozen 2 kissed the Elsa who learned to accept her powers in Frozen – no longer reflecting the rigid formality of the palace of Arendelle by using light and shimmering fabrics with soft lines. In this way she Frozen 2 The traveling dress inspires and influences Elsa’s gorgeous ice spirit ensemble, losing the cape and shoes and adding a stunning illusion neckline. The transition from ice blue to shimmering white gave Elsa’s evolution a beautiful and individual style, making the redesign a huge success.

Using new CGI animation technology, Sastarawinata-Lemay and Lee also created realistic motion for these animated fabrics, including new levels of intricate detail and depth. However, it was the subtle storytelling the two artists infused into the costumes that hinted at the growth the two young women had experienced off-screen. Great costumes for Frozen 2 – albeit animated – contributes as much to the storytelling as costumes in any live-action film, and the artists knew exactly what they were doing when they let Anna steal her mighty sister Elsa’s dress.

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