The little detail of all the dogs you probably missed

twitter user factsonfilm pointed out this niche detail about the dog breeds used in “Up.” All of the dogs depicted are guard dogs, with one exception: Dug (Bob Peterson), the adorable pup that Carl (Ed Asner) and Russell (Jordan Nagai) meet on their journey. Dug is a golden retriever – a hunting dog – and thanks to this fact, he is the only one who can find the tropical bird, Kevin, that his owner Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer) is looking for.

Watchdogs fail to find Kevin due to their natural instincts and the fact that they were primarily bred to protect, not find (literally, to recover) things. This difference says a lot about each dog’s disposition and its effect on the plot. Dug is sweet and adorable, and has a special collar that allows him to communicate with Carl and Russell like a human would, while the other dogs, mainly Dobermanns, Rottweilers and English Bulldogs, are aggressive and determined to catch the dogs. hero.

Small details are one of the things Pixar does best, and it’s always exciting to see them show up. In this case, Dug’s pedigree quietly drives much of the story, and it gives deeper meaning to the fact that he alone was able to find Carl, Russell, and Kevin and help them along their journey.

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