The Incredibles 3 Could Happen Because Producer Had “A Lot Of Ideas” For The Third Sequel

Is The Incredibles 3 in development? Fans really haven’t forgotten the lovable and beautiful characters who created the magic in the previous two movies. Avid fans of The Incredibles franchise are eagerly awaiting the third film.

It’s been over three years since The Incredibles 2 hit theaters. The animated superhero movie Incredibles 2 was released on June 15, 2018. The Incredibles 3 is still not official, but does Pixar Animation Studios have any plans to make the third season in the future?

Considering there was a 14-year gap between the last two movies, we can’t deny the possibility of a third movie, though it could happen in the distant (or maybe not too distant) future.

Incredibles director Brad Bird said earlier “If records are an introduction, it will be another 14 years, and masses of people will expect oxygen to do the third.”

However, it’s also true that the 64-year-old ‘Instead Mission: Impossible’ director isn’t in the mood to rush things to make The Incredibles 3. He needs enough time to present something back to anime movie viewers.

Additionally, Walker, the franchise’s producer, expressed his views on a potential third movie during a chat with EW. He said, “I would never rule it out.”

He further said, “If the past is a prologue, it will be another 14 years – and a lot of people will probably need oxygen to make a third.”

“There were a lot of ideas we had about this movie that could be [used]…whether it’s another Incredibles movie or something else”, he added.

The actors are also open to working on The Incredibles 3. Samuel L. Jackson (who voiced the role of Lucius Best) and Sophia Bush (as Karen Voyd) have already expressed interest in reprising their roles in The Incredibles 3.

So we could guess that The Incredibles 3 is on the cards. Since there was a 14-year gap between the first two sequels, The Incredibles 3 is likely to take some time. The creators have yet to cancel the film. It’s just a matter of time. Currently, the creators are silent on the third movie and if the creators start working on it this year, we won’t be able to see it until 2025.

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