The Encanto Sing-Along version will be released on Disney+

If you thought you didn’t have “Encanto Fever”, think again.

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 60th feature, which just won a BAFTA for Best Animated Feature this weekend, is set to take on new life as a new sing-along version of the film is on the way. to be released on Disney+ this Friday. As the first clip (which you can watch above) shows, it’s a bit fancier than the follow-up version of the bouncing stitch you were probably imagining. (Anyone who had a Disney songs to sing along to The VHS tape knows what we’re talking about.) This new version has more complicated visuals (those big graphics with character names are awesome) and a more zipped layout.

And what’s more, there will be plenty of these special releases down the line.

The official press release says there will be more sung versions of Disney classics on Disney+ later this year, including “Frozen”, “Frozen 2”, “Beauty and the Beast” and, inexplicably, the action Live from 2017’s “Beauty and the Beast Remake.

According to Disney’s statement, households have, on average, watched “Encanto” five times, with more than 180 million re-watches worldwide since it hit the platform at Christmas 2021. On the contrary, this new release to sing will ensure “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” will stick in your head for a few more days (sorry).

While “Encanto” hit theaters over Thanksgiving, it really captured the zeitgeist after appearing on Disney+. The soundtrack album has been at the top of the charts for a truly staggering time and the number of fan videos and Tik Toks inspired by the movie, especially “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, have been just as astronomical. .

Disney’s current CEO called “Encanto” “Disney’s newest franchise” on two separate earnings calls this year. And Mirabel recently started greeting guests at Disneyland, near Frontierland. “Encanto” is a real juggernaut, and we should have a clearer picture of what Disney expects from the property later this year (look for big announcements at Expo D23 in September).

See you next for “Encanto?” The Oscars on March 27, where he is up for Best Animated Feature, Best Original Score (for Germaine Franco, the first female composer to write music for a Disney animated feature) and best original song (“Dos Oruguitas”). We’re pretty sure the magic is far from exhausted.

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