The best animated movies of all time, according to Ranker

Due to the greater range of emotions and movements accorded by the animated characters compared to their live-action human counterparts, animated films have really hit their stride. Cartoons, cartoons and animated films produced by big studios such as Disney and Dreamworks have burst onto the scene to become one of the most profitable sources of entertainment in the world. With bankable franchises of Toy story at Shrek, these movies have become beloved media for children and adults alike.

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Naturally, this means that audiences have taken to the internet to discuss the greatest works in animation history. According to fans of Simple soldier, some animated films stand out above the rest when they discuss the best of all time. Due to the fan voting aspect of the website, this list is always subject to change.



Frozen Elsa and Anna

One of the highest grossing animated films of all time behind Only The Lion King and Frozen II, Frozen tells an epic story of brotherhood set in the magically mysterious realm of Arendelle. The film is complemented by some excellent original melodies, at least one song of which will remain etched in the minds of viewers weeks later.

Sisters Anna and Elsa have been loved by audiences of all ages since their debut in 2013. Both sisters are excellent role models for young people because of their concern for others, inner strength and caring nature. While Elsa’s issues may seem difficult to understand, Anna consistently refuses to give up on her in Frozen. This demonstrates the deep friendship of the sisters and the value of empathy within the family.

Monster college

Monster College Dorm

Following massive success Monsters Inc., Monster college had a big pair of shoes to fill. Serving as a prequel to the original, audiences are treated to a world where Mike, Sully, and their nemesis Randall are all still in college and being trained to become terrifying monsters.

This film grants viewers the privilege of answering the question, “What would a monster party look like?” And it’s just as hilarious as you might expect. While some fans will still prefer the original work, Monster college paid tribute to his predecessor. Most importantly, it provides a tasteful addition to the interesting world of monsters.

The Lion King

Baby Simba supported by Rafiki in The Lion King.

A story that has established itself as an all-time classic, The Lion King Definitely deserves to be considered one of the best animated films of all time. This film shines a light on the wonders of the African safari and is so beloved that it inspired a 2019 live-action remake under the same name.

Additionally, the Shakespearean elements of this film are successfully conveyed by the animated animal cast. The Lion King borrows a lot of inspiration from Hamlet to an absolutely brilliant effect. With some of the most iconic voice acting and soundtracks in animation history, this movie has sunk deep into pop culture and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Shrek 2

Shrek 2

There is a heated debate over whether or not Shrek 2 is greater than the original. While Shrek was excellent at establishing the franchise, we understand why Shrek 2 is the strongest moving image. Even though the debate rages on, both films feature some of the best soundtracks of the early 2000s and helped establish the beloved franchise.

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While many film sequels stagnate, Shrek 2 builds on its predecessor and provides a much needed extension to the Shrek universe by introducing new characters like Puss In Boots. It also helped to further develop the relationship between Shrek and Fiona by allowing them to become human forms and exploring themes of the “normal”. Shrek 2 gives us one of the best highlights of an unforgettable streak.

Robin Hood

Robin holding his bow in Disney's Robin Hood

While Robin Hood is a well-documented figure who may or may not have existed, it’s hard to argue that Disney’s decision to turn the notorious criminal from man into a fox is both smart and just plain cool. Robin Hood features the cunning bandit continuing his mission to rob the rich and give back to the poor in an effort to end the daily suffering of his peers.

While the story may be familiar, seeing characters like Little John, Sir Hiss, and Prince John come to life as animals helps bring the story to life and make it appealing to audiences of all ages. . Ultimately, these colorful personalities teach viewers that there are times in life when it’s okay to stand up for yourself and others who need support.

Howl’s moving castle

Howl smiling brightly in Howl's Moving Castle

Studio Ghibli never fails to bring this magical feeling to every entryway they create. Howl’s moving castle is no exception with a fantasy world that audiences will always remember. This film offers a plethora of likable and unique characters that contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of a bustling world.

Howl’s moving castle has several intertwined storylines that can make the first viewing difficult to follow, but this fact also makes each review more enjoyable than the last. Each rewatch, for a viewer, builds on the previous experience. Turnip, Calcifer and the Trash Witch are some of the greatest supporting characters of the 21st century and help make this film a classic.

The Lady and the Tramp

The Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti Scene

Ironically, one of Disney’s most revered love stories doesn’t even feature two humans as the main characters at all. The Lady and the Tramp is a tale that has entertained audiences for over 65 years, and even recently received a makeover in the live-action rendering of the film in 2019.

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The Lady and the Tramp is not just a love story, as it explores the strangeness of the inequality of wealth between Lady and Tramp. While Lady has lived a pampered life, she has been treated as a material object and is ultimately cast aside. This brings him to the true freedom that a dog like Tramp enjoys.

101 Dalmatians

The dogs all watch TV in 101 Dalmatians

Despite the simple premise of 101 Dalmatians, it’s a story that has stood the test of time and has never failed to entertain. While some stories offer complex plots where the lines between good and evil are blurred, 101 Dalmatiens Make it easier for the heroes to take root as they attempt to escape Cruella de Vil’s grip.

Not only does Cruella’s costume design (and song) remain iconic to this day. This film also helped popularize the Dalmatian as the demand for lovable dogs skyrocketed after its release in 1961. This film is perfect for animal lovers and families alike. The Dalmatians’ triumph over Cruella turns out to be a heartwarming story well worth a review or two.

The Polar Express

Polar Express Quotes

Every year, The Polar Express never fails to be an instant hit near the holidays. This Christmas classic follows the main characters, Hero Boy and Hero Girl, as they hit their tickets to board the Polar Express and make the long journey to the North Pole.

The Polar Express turns out to be a perilous hike but is also filled with several unforgettable moments of joy. While some viewers found the CGI off-putting and creepy at first, many have grown more attached to the film’s aesthetic as it descends into the bizarre valley.

Toy story

As Pixar’s first film, Toy story splashed around the scene and helped cement the legacy the animation studio would create. It all starts in Toy story However, arguably the best animated film ever made, at least according to fans of Simple soldier.

Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear – and the rest of the motley crew of various toys – have rooted themselves in the pop culture hall of fame thanks to their ability to always fill a room with laughter. Toy storyThe success of continued with the launch of a hugely successful franchise that would span four films and help fans around the world connect with their cherished childhood memories.

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