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It really is the era of the superhero franchise. Of course, the comics that inspired this cape empire have always created visually stunning and innovative outfits. Yet in the world of film and television, costume designers have had to adapt these looks and find their own voice.

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One of the most crucial aspects of any superhero franchise is the costume. Much of any production, these costumes are even more important to the genre, as these are the armor that these iconic characters wear in battle. They should be symbolic of the hero’s central message while being practical and memorable. It is certainly not an easy task to accomplish.

ten The Incredibles

The Incredibles

Thinking of the most fantastic costumes in the genre, it’s easy to look at the comics first and draw the line from the source material to the screen. Pixar, on the other hand, has set out to create their own family of powerful individuals, who are perhaps just as iconic as anything DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, or various other properties.

While Edna Mode is certainly the woman to whom these inventive costumes are credited in the world of The Incredibles, it’s the talented animation team and concept artists who forged these stylish superhero outfits. The original film and the sequel both play to retro imagery while bringing a flavor not seen in any other franchise.

9 Marvel Cinematic Universe

Black Panther Captain America at the Battle of Wakanda

The Marvel Cinematic Universe covers a vast array of heroes and villains from the source material. From Netflix heroes to shows seen on Disney + and ABC, alongside any other franchise related to this ongoing superhero series, the costumes just got better over time.

Through varied colors and bold choices, Marvel Studios has pushed the boundaries of what is expected of the characters’ wardrobes in their superhero landscape. The MCU’s costume designers are the best of the best.

8 The boys

The seven in the boys

The boys was Prime Video’s version of the superhero series, which was originally found among the pages of Dynamite Entertainment comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. While the costumes across the board are impressive, the most visually stunning pieces can be found within the team known as Seven.

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Influenced by the source material and the Justice League, the vibrant colors, the armored details in the clothing and the combination of comics and authentic elements in these designs really make Laura Jean Shannon’s work stand out. The end result is both contemporary and in a way classic.

7 Jupiter’s legacy

Jupiter's Legacy Petra Small

Jupiter’s legacy is Netflix’s own original superhero show, inspired by Mark Millar’s work at Image. The first installment of the MillarWorld properties, visually the show had to take it out of the park, especially to bring these characters to life.

What makes these costumes pop is that they play with familiar themes but twist them in new ways. Lizz Wolf joined the project to capture the essence of each of these characters in their costumes and it shows. She notes that totems were a vital aspect of the designs.

6 Invincible

Team of invincible teens

Another animated feature film and Prime Video project based on the work of Skybound Entertainment and created by Robert Kirkman alongside Cory Walker, The Costumes of Invincible feel like they’ve been established for a while.

The TV show visually pulls straight from the source material, with very little room to really play with the designs. The original work put on the page is perfect for entering the fields of animation. The costumes carry kinetic energy that might be difficult to imbue in the live action, especially among the teen squad.

5 Kick ass

ass kick chloe moretz christopher mintz plasse

There are many films about helpless vigilantes, but one of the most notable is the Mark Millar inspired comics and images. Kick ass. The special thing about these models is that they had to feel home-made in a way that none of the others on this list do.

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Created in a world where heroes and villains are relatively new, these costumes need to be practical first and foremost because this world is as realistic as it gets. The authenticity of the on-screen designs is courtesy of Sammy Sheldon, who found the most nefarious costumes much more complex to create.

4 Power rangers

Power Rangers Dino Fury Ranger pink

Power rangers is a television show that has been going on for decades and continues to reinvent itself every two years. All of the costumes throughout the show follow the same thread, while combining new themes and familiar colors of the characters.

SPD, Dino Rangers, The Pirates, and sure enough, the original designs are all memorable iterations, but the shocking thing about these combinations is that they continue to be completely versatile despite they all come from the same base. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

3 DC Worlds


The DC Universe is one of the most iconic costumes of all time. The imagery among the pages of these original comics is completely timeless. Among the brand’s new Worlds Of DC franchises, there is some truly amazing screen work.

Depending on the reality involved, there are some truly realistic attempts to bring these combinations to life and some incredible, over-the-top designs that pay great homage to the source material.

2 Umbrella Academy

AJ Carmichael Umbrella Academy

Umbrella Academy is far from a normal superhero TV show. While the show sometimes plays with the visuals involved in the original comic book, the work of Dark Horse and creator Gerard Way is still very much intact on screen.

It is not easy to take some of these concepts and bring them to life. A basic uniform can be boring, and a fishbowl head can be too complex. Designer Christopher Hargadon knew he had to play in the quirky personalities of the characters to make their wardrobes really work.

1 The tick

Gunmen in The Tick

Before Invincible and the Boys, Prime Video and Amazon have attempted to bring an almost impossible series to the small screen: The tick. Wacky, outrageous and almost laughable, it would have been easy to hold back the costumes of these extravagant characters.

Despite this, Ben Edlund’s original newspaper mascot got a new lease of life, alongside the franchise’s many villains and allies. The animal elements of the characters were heavily tilted and what could have been toned down was made even more fun by Colleen Atwood’s attention to detail and desire to push her stellar job.

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