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Amanda Bynes is receiving help for “ongoing mental health challenges”, according to her lawyer.

The announcement comes a month after the former Nickelodeon star announced her engagement in a since-deleted Valentine’s Day Instagram post.

Bynes has struggled with mental illness and addiction in the past. She celebrated 14 months of sobriety in an Instagram post earlier this month.

She captioned a snapshot of herself smiling next to a man, “Celebrating being sober for a year and two months!”

Amanda Bynes had a bright childhood and a bright future as a child star. His bizarre behavior on Twitter, as well as his string of arrests, were all a plea for help with his mental illness. Bynes showed the world how, through the use of the internet, mental illness can spiral out of control, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel when you ask for help.

Amanda Bynes was a child actress who began her career as a cast member of the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series at the age of ten. The Amanda Show, which was another comedy sketch series, later aired on the same channel.

His film career began in 2002 with Nickelodeon films Huge liar and What a Girl Wants. She was known to be one of the few child stars of her era who did not succumb to drugs and alcohol in the same way as other children of her generation.

When she starred in She’s the Man and Hairspray in 2006, things got tougher for Bynes. Despite the fact that these roles were good for her career, she found herself being typecast as the bubbly, hilarious, goofy, eccentric preteen.

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She admired actors like Lindsay Lohan for being able to transcend childlike Disney roles into more mature roles. She wants to push herself further by taking on more “shocking” roles. The only adult role she could get fell through.

Bynes’ odd behavior began when she was cast as the sultry babysitter in the rough comedy Hall Pass, but she would arrive on the scene unprepared, paranoid and terrified.

The Farrelly brothers had trouble using one of Bynes’ films, so she walked off the set and claimed it was due to “scheduling difficulty”. While her replacement, Alexandria Daddario, was able to land three more jobs after Hall Pass, Bynes struggled to find any after that. Bynes’ history of using Adderall, which she used to stay slim, could have been the cause of her unpredictable drive. She chewed the pills to get a stronger high, which made it difficult for her to concentrate and memorize her lines.

After announcing her retirement from acting on Twitter in 2010, Bynes found herself with plenty of free time, which she spent abusing drugs including marijuana, molly and ecstasy, watching television and tweet.

Amanda Bynes Mental Illness

She was arrested in March 2012 for talking on the phone and fled before police could issue her a ticket. Bynes was charged with impaired driving a month later after colliding with a car at 3 a.m. and refusing to take a breathalyzer test. Bynes was involved in seven car accidents throughout that year.

Bynes’ crazy and hyperactive use of the internet surprised fans the most. She made nasty jokes about rapper Drake and trashy singer Rihanna while tweeting about Adolf Hitler and criticizing “ugly people”. On the internet, Bynes would be insulted and called “crazy”. She was jailed for throwing a bong out of an apartment window after locking herself in a New York cupcake shop bathroom.

After starting a fire in a stranger’s driveway and possibly dozing her dog with gasoline, Bynes was taken into involuntary psychiatric detention and placed under the guardianship of her parents. Bynes claimed her father verbally and physically abused her without her mother’s knowledge after the conservatorship ended and she spent six months recovering. After Bynes’ mother refuted the tweet, Bynes rebutted it as well.

Bynes revealed on Twitter a month later that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and manic depression. Drinking and using drugs, according to the National Institute of Mental Healthmay cause depressed or manic moods in people with bipolar disease.

Her tweets were infrequent, featuring selfies and announcements of her upcoming fall semester at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. She had quit tweeting in March 2015. For the past four years, Bynes has been drug-free. She told Paper Magazine that she recommends others think twice before using drugs because they have the potential to destroy their lives.

Bynes is grateful that she has never tried “harmless” substances because they can lead to more serious narcotics like heroin or methamphetamine. She realized that her erratic behavior was the result of substance abuse, which made her feel like she was not herself and contributed to her co-occurring bipolar and manic-depressive disorders.

Amanda Bynes Mental Illness

Bynes’ mother was granted guardianship of her daughter until 2020 in October 2014. Bynes wants to get back into acting and expand her horizons by taking on a variety of roles and productions.

As Bynes continues on her path to recovery, things will only get better for her. Bynes is an example of fans who are willing to call someone “crazy” for acting in a way that may be typical of the job she had, but doesn’t rule out the possibility that there is a basis. underlying driving.

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Bynes can now look back on his glittering career, his frightening history with drugs that contributed to his erratic driving, and look forward to a hopeful new future for better things.

“Any reports that Amanda has a drug or alcohol problem are completely incorrect,” Esquibias said in a statement. “We beg for confidentiality during this time, and for all public and media speculation regarding Amanda’s personal life to cease so that she can focus on her health.”

Bynes was residing at a sober living facility but had just entered a treatment center for ongoing treatment for mental health difficulties, according to a person close to her.

Amanda Bynes Mental Illness

Bynes previously checked into a treatment center in January 2019 after struggling after returning to the spotlight.

“Amanda is still in a mental health facility,” a friend of Bynes’s told PEOPLE after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising last June. “She was able to get a special occasion outing pass for a few hours so she could walk with the other students.” However, she left a little earlier and returned to the establishment at the end of the ceremony.

Bynes, whose mother Lynn has been his curator since 2014 following numerous legal disputes, opened up about his mental health and drug issues in a November 2018 cover story with Paper.

Bynes celebrated 14 months of sobriety on Instagram earlier this month. She posted photos of herself hanging out with friends, “Celebrating being sober for a year and two months!”

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