Ridley Scott says Gladiator 2 script is almost done

Ridley Scott is a busy man these days, but that doesn’t mean he ignores Gladiator 2, which he says basically has a script out of the box.

Gladiator 2 Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott is one of those behind the movies of almost all genres. He did science fiction, he made dramatic films, and he did period plays. Now it looks like he’s set to go back to a period, as he recently told the script for the sequel to Dream work Gladiator is basically done.

The famous director has been very busy in recent years with the release of several films in a short period of time. The last duel has been critically successful and Gucci House is preparing to officially hit the big screen. While the production for Gladiator 2 isn’t about to begin, Scott said he and his writers have a solid path to completing the script for the Dreamworks movie sequel.


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Speaking to Deadline, Scott said the script has already been written. However, he followed that up with language that made it seem like it hadn’t been fully finalized, adding that he and his team had a “good footprint” and a good, logical place to go. It is possible that one of the reasons why the Extraterrestrial the director did not say more clearly that Gladiator 2 is ready to take the next step, that’s because he apparently wants to be very careful with it.


He added that someone can’t just make another Gladiator movie. There must be some way to go. He then went on to add that there were enough remnants of Russell Crowe’s epic that they could effectively pick up and continue this story in a new direction.

Previously, it had been established that the Raised by wolves the director will have Gladiator 2 Tell the story of Lucius, the young ruler who was saved by Maximum killing Commodus. Beyond that, not much is known about where the story is going to go. Crowe’s character, of course, passed away towards the end of the original film, so he’s sure to have a new character to focus on.

While Scott promises that Gladiator 2 is one of the movies heading to the finish line, it’s unclear what kind of timeline the director expects at this point. The studio hasn’t really been able to say when cinematic audiences can expect to see it. Besides, even if the script is ready, it does not appear that the film has started to fill its cast.

Gladiator is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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