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Mickey, Donald and Goofy build a boat to set sail in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 1930s short, “Boat Builders.” Mickey Mouse orders a boat from a kit and works Goofy and Donald to build it. But, as with any animated short featuring these three, nothing is easy and it ends up leading to them all getting roughed up by the boat during the building process. Once it’s finally built, Minnie baptizes it with a bottle of wine, but this causes it to set sail while still tied to the dock and part when it reaches the end of its rope, leaving our three stars floating on the little that remains.

It’s very similar to many other shorts featuring Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. One of the three, usually Mickey, has a plan for what to do. They start working on the plan and diversions ensue. At least one, and sometimes all three, are injured during the activity. And, in the end, everyone’s back to where they started, but we’ve seen some funny things happen to the trio. It’s a formula, but it works every time. I always find myself laughing at the misfortune that befalls all three of them.

In these 1930s shorts, it’s usually the most fun to see Donald having the misfortune. Mickey is our hero, the one we are all meant to support. Goofy is just that, an adorable goof. It’s funny to see things happen to him, but it’s not fun to see him. You laugh, but you’re still kinda rooting for him. But Donald could be downright mean in his early appearances. He wasn’t in this one, but he was mean enough on the shorts he appeared in that it’s fun to watch him get the money. Over time, he becomes very lovable in his own right, but he wasn’t quite there when this short came out.

There have been many shorts like this and there will be many more like this. It’s a formula they still use in “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse,” and it still works. No matter what hijinks or calamities ensue, we know these three will face it and we’ll love to see them bounce back. It’s almost always fun.

Rating: 3 stars

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