Ramsdale among 10 current keepers who bark a little

It’s a throwaway line to say that goalkeepers have to be of a different breed. They dress differently. They can use their hands. Attention seekers. Even straight man Hugo Lloris plays with eccentricity, with his pitch-length celebrations and wandering around the club like he’s lost his wallet. Here are some of the current harvests that are a bit bonkers…

Ben Foster
When Covid stopped football in March 2020, chirpy Ben Foster decided to start a YouTube channel called ‘The Cycling GK’ which fused his passion for football with his cycling pursuits. Foster’s enthusiasm is childish, like a boy seeing a bouncy castle for the first time. “Infectious” might push him when some of his colleagues seem to just want to shut him up; Claudio Ranieri called Foster a “great actor”. That’s one way to describe his style of broadcasting.

Jordan Pickford
We’re not advocating any kind of aggression after Will Smith’s messy Oscar performance, but there is a case for Pickford being forcibly withheld from his full repertoire. The Everton and England keeper is like one of those Dreamworks cartoon characters whose every mannerism seems over the top. The gurning, screaming, slapping and Kung Fu fighting are just the beginning. Then there are the dives towards balls that go very far or further. Gareth Southgate gets the relatively sedating version while Goodison brings out his Gotham City side.

Aaron Ramsdale
Ramsdale must have starred in a Hovis commercial in a past life, as his gestures, each roll on the ground, indicate some mastery of method of action. It’s a “look at me” vibe with bells and whistles and a marching band. He tends to keep quiet during Liverpool defeats (see Jota, Diogo). However, nothing will prevent the effervescence from rising to the surface. It was recently revealed that Ramsdale is taking on the DJ role after wins to play Emirates fan favorite to the tune of Status Quo’s Rockin’ All Over the World. Fun fact, huh.

pepe queen
The former Liverpool man was loaned out to Aston Villa to ‘help’ them escape relegation by the skin of their teeth in 2020. What has happened is a goalkeeper well past his prime who occasionally lost his goalie sat nav. Even pulseless man Sven-Goran Eriksson called Reina’s mad dash to intercept Harvey Barnes “an incredible mistake”. He has pace but may have lost the locker room at that time…

Kepa has always had a bit of the devil in him. Think back to the EFL Cup final against Manchester City after staging a one-on-one protest and then shooting himself in the foot by failing to save Sergio Aguero’s peashooter. The Spaniard’s last attempt to be chief sledger came at Wembley a month ago when Mo Salah, Virgil van Dijk et al shrugged off his attempts to play the big man. Jamie Redknapp blasted: “Ridiculous. I didn’t like his behavior when the penalties were about to be taken and then he took one of the worst penalties you’ve ever seen. I don’t understand it. Radio Ga Ga, Jamie. They are all these guardians.

Emiliano Martinez
In the win over Manchester United at Old Trafford in September, the Argentine waltzed past Cristiano Ronaldo as if to wonder why the Portuguese didn’t take the kick in added time that could have saved a point for the side local. The shenanigans had the desired effect as Bruno Fernandes overshot his penalty. Martinez then gave a little jig in front of the United fans behind his goal. They loved it. When the teams met again at Villa Park, the keeper let out a howl to let in a shot from Fernandes, but fell into the fans’ arms as Villa came back from two points… he’s in heat.

Kasper Schmeichel
Maybe it’s the stress of knowing that Leicester can’t understand everything that’s happening in their penalty area, but Kasper is furious. He filed an official complaint over Alexander Lacazette’s stuttering run for the penalty in Arsenal’s 2-0 win over the Foxes. In December, he even complained that the new Premier League match ball sucked: “It’s a moody ball because it doesn’t do what you want it to do. Especially when you try to hit hard, it won’t really work. Following the FA Cup win over Chelsea last year, former Leicester stalwart Andy King said: “If he concedes a goal in training he will go absolutely mad.” In effect.

Joe Hart
The Celtic keeper was a lost soul since Pep decided he didn’t love him at City in 2016. To be fair to the Spaniard, this deselection coincided with another international tournament where our Joe didn’t make any big saves.

Hart can’t stop talking. It’s like a stream of consciousness activated by a monstrous energy drink. The man has resilience to spare though, especially after Nuno Espirito Santo put on the boot saying: “The ball is too fast for you, you’re too old, you’re not moving, you have no strength in your body. “When he was a bit younger, Hart used to contort his face in the tunnel, chew gum more furiously than Sir Alex Ferguson and shout obscenities in preparation.

Now that Liverpool have found a good number two, Reds fans can come out from behind the couch and remember that on occasion Adrian wasn’t half bad when he wasn’t screaming in the fresh air, ne fell against Atletico or shoveled the ball. in the net against Chelsea. Even crazier – and no less fun – was that performance in the 7-2 roast at Villa Park when he literally went for a jog as the ball hit the bar. The strangest thing.

Jose Sa
Jose Sa has certainly made an impression between the sticks for Wolves this season as only Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City have conceded fewer goals than the Portuguese. It helps that Sa already looks like a crazed sailor who lives on Captain Morgan.

Conor Coady says he barks a little, so it must be true. “He’s a character, a real character,” laughed the defender. “As you probably know most goalkeepers are, they’re all a little crazy, aren’t they, they’re all a little weird goalkeepers, to be honest with you. He’s really different, believe me. Me, he’s a huge character. Alright. Conor. We get the picture. It’s a map.

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