Puddy is a minimal 3D printed lamp with as much character as the Pixar lamp!

A coat rack of the words Paddy and Buddy, the Puddy lamp takes on the character of a rice farmer in Southeast Asia. The minimalist design of the 3D printed lamp sports a body, adjustable head, and shade that looks a lot like the conical hats worn by rice farmers!

Designer: André Zhu

Click here to buy now: $ 169 $ 280 (40% reduction). Hurry, only 32 left!

Puddy compensates for its minimalist design with an incredibly interactive experience and an expressive design reminiscent of Pixar’s Luxo Jr.. Modeled to look like a tiny human in a robe and hat, Puddy is a great addition to any surface work. The small light is designed to be completely wireless and can be taken with you, easily parking anywhere you want. The shiny little snowman (no pun intended) comes with an adjustable head that lets you face it (I did this again) upwards, while the shade helps guide the light according to its angle. For brighter light, just have Puddy look up, and for more ambient lighting, face Puddy down so the shade cuts out any direct light.

While Puddy’s aesthetic is a combination of traditional and modern, so is her production. The lamp is fully 3D printed from a 6: 4 composite of PLA and recycled wood particles. The light source of the lamp is enclosed in an all-PLA component (for translucency and diffusion), while the shade, body and ball head are all printed in the PLA + Wood composite. This unique choice of material gives a beautiful sand finish to the design of the lamp and even gives it a woody smell! It also ensures that the lamp is fully biodegradable (PLA is also plant-based).

Each Puddy is available in one of four colors derived from the four different types of wood used in the design of the lamp: birch, ebony, pine and willow. The cordless light uses a 3000K warm white LED inside, with a 2500mAh battery that gives it up to 7 hours of use on its brightest setting. The light sports a single on / off switch that even has a long-press dimming feature, and just below is Puddy’s MicroUSB charging port.

Puddy’s gorgeous eclectic design combines minimalism with expressiveness and with Asian traditionalism to create a fun, interactive and meaningful lamp. Its 3D printed design puts it in the same category as other beautifully minimalist table lamps from Gantri and others, while Puddy’s cordless design makes it a useful little friend that will go wherever you go! The Puddy comes fully assembled for $ 169 and comes with a one year warranty that allows parts to be repaired / replaced if the need arises.

Click here to buy now: $ 169 $ 280 (40% reduction). Hurry, only 32 left!

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