Pixar’s Lightning is the ‘Ultimate Love Letter’ to Science Fiction

Recess is over. Next summer, Pixar will soar to greener pastures somewhere between infinity and beyond with an origin film centered around Buzz Lightyear, the intrepid Explorer traversing the cosmos and taking down galactic threats. on behalf of Star Command. But that’s not the Buzz we’ve known since Toy story franchise; it’s the Buzz that inspired the best-selling toy.

“What’s the movie that Andy would have seen?” Or a version of the ultimate single action adventure – a serious sci-fi movie ” Light year said director Angus MacLane in a conversation with Empire for the February 2022 issue of the magazine. MacLane was the perfect person to answer these questions. As a longtime animator for Pixar, he helped design Buzz (voiced in the Toy story Tim Allen series) and the character’s nemesis, Emperor Zurg inspired by Darth Vader.

“There were only a handful of things mentioned in the [Toy Story] films, ”he continued. “The wings are carbon alloy, he has a laser arm, Zurg is the bad guy… not a ton of stuff.” We had to decide what to take away from the echoes of that, and apply it here. “

The director also insisted Light year is not a Toy story movie, despite a number of Easter Egg recalls to the property that spawned it. “It’s supposed to be the ultimate love letter for the sci-fi period between 1977 and 1987,” he explained. “But he’s also heavily influenced by 1970s cinematography and the French New Wave.”

Fans of the genre know that the decade between 1977 and 1987 produced a ton of sci-fi classics like Encounters of the Third Kind, Star wars, Extraterrestrial, Back to the future, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, HEY, Explorers, The Terminator, Aliens, The thing, and many other titles that go well beyond 10 fingers.

Chris Evans was asked to voice this younger version of the space hero and although many fans were disappointed to learn that Allen was not asked to return (there’s a good chance that he’s making an appearance somewhere), MacLane no doubt has an audience will come and embrace the Captain America Dedicated vocal performance of the actor.

“He’s such a supporter of the project and has been such a burst of energy for it,” the director said. “It’s really fun showing him the new material and having him do it. He’s exactly the theater and the wonderful person you think he is. There’s a sense of responsibility he feels for the character, and a curtsy. He really wants to get it that’s right, so it’s been a journey of discovery, to find his character and flesh it out completely for 90 minutes while we develop the mythology. “

Light year lands on the big screen on June 17, 2022.

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