People panic after finding out Didi Pickles’ age at Rugrats


Remember when the adventures of Tommy, Chuckie, Susie, Kimi, Phil and Lil and Angelica were all we had to worry about? We do, and it’s fair to say that Rugrats has been a favorite cartoon among ’90s kids ever since it burst onto our screens.

But now, in 2021, some millennials have been in shock after finding out the true age of Tommy’s mother Didi Pickles, and they have realized that they are now closer to her than the real thing. Rugrats.

In case you didn’t know, Didi was 32 when the show began when it debuted in August 1991. Stu, her husband and Tommy’s father, was 33. Didi’s age was revealed in an episode of Series 6 titled “Junior Prom” which aired in April 1999. The episode reveals that Didi attended his high school’s bicentennial-themed prom at Swift High School.

Rugrats fans have found out about Didi’s real age (Nickelodeon)

The United States celebrated its 200e year as an independent nation in 1976, meaning Didi graduated the following year at the age of 18 in 1977 and made her birth year 1959. So she was 32 when the show began in 1991.

Twitter user Tim Hogan tweeted a screenshot of Didi and her husband Stu, very tired and overworked compared to the classic cartoon. “I just found out about Stu and [Didi] The Rugrats pickles were 33 and 32 years old and now I’m upset, “he said.

Twitter user Tim Hogan tweeted a screenshot of the show with Didi and Stu's age (Credit: Nickelodeon / Twitter)
Twitter user Tim Hogan tweeted a screenshot of the show with Didi and Stu’s age (Credit: Nickelodeon / Twitter)

The tweet has since gone viral on Twitter, with thousands of retweets and just over 200 replies.

“I just realized that I am [Didi]”said a shocked fan.

“I just turned 32, I feel personally attacked by this,” one Twitter user joked.

People can't believe Didi's actual age (Credit: Twitter)
People can’t believe Didi’s actual age (Credit: Twitter)

A second person said: “I don’t know how I feel about this, but I laughed about it.”

While another account shared: “They weren’t old, [they] just looked like this newborn baby cause. “

“I just turned 30 two weeks ago,” said one woman.

Other Twitter users decided to warn others not to research Marge and Homer Simpson’s actual age if they were still in shock after learning of Didi and Stu’s age.

Other Twitter users compared the news to finding Marge Simpson's real age (Twitter)
Other Twitter users compared the news to finding Marge Simpson’s real age (Twitter)

“If you hate it, I have bad news for Homer and Marge Simpson,” the user said.

A second person responded to the original tweet and said: “I felt like this when I heard that Marge Simpson was 34 and Homer was 36.”

And related Rugrats news, an animated reboot series premiered on the U.S. streaming network Paramount + in May of this year. It also follows the adventures of Tommy and the rest of the gang and features members of the original cast.

It looks like 2021 has been an eventful year for Rugrats fans so far!

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