Nicole Kassell to helm Amazon, DreamWorks live-action pilot


While Netflix may have “He-Man” and his “Masters of the Universe”, reports surfaced in September 2021 that Amazon was looking to Princess Adora to have the power and save the day – except they wanted let his adventures be in the flesh-n-blood. At the time, we knew that DreamWorks (which produced the Netflix animated series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) was on board to produce the standalone series, but not much else. Now we have a very impressive name which makes the project very real. Variety exclusively reports that Nicole Cassel (Watchers, Westworld) will direct and executive produce the pilot if it moves forward (no screenwriter is currently attached). If the project gets the series green light from the streaming service, it will be the first time this character has come to life in a live-action adaptation since his debut in the 1985 animated film. He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword and was incorporated into the MOTU franchise until gaining its own spin-off cartoon series, She-Ra: Princess of Power.

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Princess Adora is the long-lost twin sister of Prince Adam aka He-Man in the original animated series. Kidnapped as a baby by the evil Horde’s Hordak and taken to the planet Etheria, Adora was mind-controlled to serve as captain of the Horde’s Force before He-Man eventually helped her break the mind control. and offered him the sword of protection. which allows him to transform into She-Ra and grants him incredible skills and powers. The character’s spin-off series will run from 1985 to 1986, for two seasons and 100 episodes. The Netflix animated series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power established a backstory for the character that removed ties to He-Man, Eternia, and the MOTU franchise. This time, Adora joins the Horde on Etheria out of a need to belong. She would eventually break with the Horde after discovering the Sword of Protection and helping lead a rebellion against the Horde on Etheria. The streaming series will run for five seasons and 52 episodes, ending on Netflix in May last year.

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