New Rugrats Revival shorts released ahead of their debut and debut


With less than two weeks before the new Rugrats The series debuts on May 27, Paramount + released two new shorts for the upcoming CG animated cover of ’90s classic cartoon streamer Nickelodeon. The animated shorts center around Tommy Pickles, with the first titled “Tommy’s Ball,” recreating a scene from the first season of the original series where Angelica chooses Tommy by hitting her ball over the fence. Meanwhile, the second titled “Night Howl,” features Tommy and his dog Spike as they go to see the full moon.

Check out the first animated Rugrats rebirth short film below!

The streamer is expected to release two more Rugrats rebirth shorts titled “The Slide” and “The Lamp,” both of which are modern reimaginations of classic scenes from the original cartoon, but which are expected to feature new endings. All Rugrats The shorts will be available to stream on Paramount + and the streamer’s YouTube channel, starting May 28, a day after the start of the next revival.

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Based on the classic ’90s Nickelodeon children’s series of the same name, the Rugrats The rebirth will see the return of the original lead voice for children, EG Daily as Tommy Pickles, Nancy Cartwright as Chuckie Finster, Cheryl Chase as Angelica Pickles, Cree Summer as Susie Carmichael, and Kath Soucie as Phil and Lil.

New cast members who voice parents including Tony Hale as Chuckie Chas’s dad, Natalie Morales as Phil & Lil Betty’s mom, Nicole Byer as Susie Lucy’s mom, Anna Chlumsky as mother of Angelica Charlotte, Ashley Rae Spillers as mother of Tommy Didi, Tom Dewey as father of Tommy Stu, Timothy Simons as father of Angelica Drew, Omar Miller as father of Susie Randy and Michael McKean as grandfather Father Lou Pickles.

The CG animated series is produced by Eryk Casemiro and Kate Boutilier, starring Dave Pressler and Casey Leonard. Rachel Lipman is also a producer, with Kellie Smith as executive producer.

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The original Rugrats was created by Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo and Paul Germain. It debuted 30 years ago in 1991 and has been in production for nine seasons. Due to its popularity, it spawned a trilogy of films as well as a series of sequels titled All grow up! which introduced toddlers in their teens.

Discover the second animated Rugrats revival runs below:

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