Need for Speed: Underground was almost a reality TV show

A tech consultant for The Fast and the Furious reveals he was working with EA to potentially bring a Need for Speed ​​reality show to life.

The Need of speed video game series was almost adapted into a reality TV show by its publisher Electronic Arts.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Craig Lieberman said while working as a technical consultant for Need for speed: undergroundThe idea of ​​bringing EA’s video game franchise to television began to circulate. Lieberman had previously unsuccessfully presented reality TV shows, including one at Universal Pictures titled Ultimate tram challenge. “Before YouTube took over the world, if you wanted to watch videos about racing, drifting or even building cars, we had no choice but to watch TV,” Lieberman recalls in the video. . However, due to the already high number of auto shows in production, the show was never given the green light.

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Lieberman, who was technical advisor on The fast and the furious and 2 fast 2 furious, had another opportunity to present his show while working with EA Games. While providing in-game car physics consultations and creating a Nissan R34 GTR replica for the game’s cover, Lieberman’s production partner secured him a meeting at Lionsgate to re-present his idea. EA Games apparently loved the idea, and a Need of speed the reality show has started its development.

The show was to share its name with the Need of speed series to coincide with the release of Need for speed: underground. The concept would build on Lieberman’s previous ideas that teams would work on cars and participate in various tasks, but this time additional challenges would draw inspiration from the games themselves. These challenges included installing nitrous or turbo systems, establishing lap times and a drag race. The grand final would feature a surprise twist that would see the finalists setting lap times in Need for speed: underground. Potentially budgeted at $ 6.5 million, the eight-part series never saw the light of day.

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The Need of speed the franchise would end up getting a movie adaptation around a decade after Underground has been freed. With a star-studded cast including Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper and Michael Keaton, the action-packed street racing film was released in 2014. The film was produced by Dreamworks in collaboration with EA and was released by Disney’s Touchstone Pictures. Although it received critical criticism, the film grossed over $ 200 million at the box office, nearly three times its original budget.

The need for speed First released in 1994 for the 3DO game console before gaining versions for PC, PlayStation, and Sega Saturn. Since then, a whole catalog of Need of speed the main games have been released, with the most recent title, Need for quick heat, being the 24th opus in the series.

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