NBCUniversal reconciles with Ron Meyer over 2020 Exec deal end – Deadline


Exclusive: Over a year later Ron Mayer Suddenly I was shown the door to NBC Universal. Suspected of an incident, payment and attempted extortion, the former vice president of a company owned by Comcast received his own payment.

In a deal brokered by Hollywood heavyweight lawyer Patricia Glazer, we hear Meyer landed a settlement in the $ 50 million territory. During the months of creation, a secret deal was reached at the end of September and all parties approved the details.

A Glaser Weil litigator, who was contacted by Deadline this morning, said: “Comments are prohibited due to confidentiality clauses.” NBCUniversal did not respond to the request for comment. If so, we’ll update this post.

Of course, while negotiations are underway over his settlement, the risk of assuming a former super agent hasn’t been strict against cash in the past 14 months since losing the Plum NBCU job. August 18, 2020.

After leaving NBCUniversal, Meyer landed a lucrative consulting job in Qatar. He has made numerous trips which we hear from sources around the country to provide advice to the country’s Doha Film Institute on investing in films.

Meyer left NBCU at the end of last summer due to the radius of a business explosion following a deal-based incident with actress Charlotte Kirk Media Conglom’s vice president said “he years ago “. Part of the stagnation in Meyer’s NBCU settlement appears to be due to Conglom’s claims that Studio executives signed a contract with Kirk to calm the situation. Meyer’s reconciliation with NBC Uni shows that was not the case.

Meyer said in a statement when he retired last year:

“I recently revealed to my family and my business that I threatened and settled with an outside woman who had made false accusations. Indeed, it was very concise and consensual that I did many years ago. I made this disclosure because other parties knew about the settlement and kept forcing me to pay money, otherwise they had nothing to do with this issue. I intended to falsely implicate NBC Universal and publish false allegations about me. After disclosing this to the company, we have mutually agreed to step down as vice president of NBC Universal. “

“I am writing to share some unfortunate news. At the end of last week, Ron Meyer acted on NBCUniversal in a way that we believe does not align with company policies and values. “Based on Ron’s disclosure of these actions, he has mutually concluded that he should leave the company immediately. Ron’s 25 years of service and his significant contribution to NBCUniversal. will be grateful to you.

Even in the world of sharp, curvy corner suites, Meyer has long been seen as a “mech” in business and is known to help those with backstage issues. To the many embarrassments of Meyer’s relatives, their loyalty extends to former fraudster and investigator Anthony Pelicano, with whom former executives have long had a relationship.

Former Marine Meyer, along with Mike Obitz, Bill Haber, Roland Perkins and Michael Rosenfeld, made CAA a great power.

He and Obitz had a famous dropout when Obitz flirted with Universal, but after Sydney J. Schaumburg left, Meyer took over as president and COO in 1995. saw. In this new role, he worked with President of Universal Film Entertainment, Jeff Shell, and President of Universal Pictures, Donna Langley, to provide strategic direction and advice on all aspects of the conglomerate, including the assets film and television and the activity of theme parks. low.

Together, they saw Universal in 2015 reach the then world box office record of $ 6.9 billion (the record subsequently broken by Disney). Meyer fired Spielberg and Amblin at Universal Fold in 2015 after director DreamWorks left for Disney. At Disney, Oscar-winning directors have made films such as Lincoln, War Horse, Bridge of Spies, and BFG.

Meyer’s contract, renewed in 2016, was initially intended to keep him in the studio until the end of 2021 … but not that much.

NBCUniversal reconciles with Ron Meyer over 2020 Exec deal end – Deadline

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