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Hulu’s surreal comedy series Wake up stars Lamorne Morris as comic book writer Keef who begins to hear inanimate objects that guide him on a strange journey of self-introspection. The satire of racism and political correctness gives Morris a perfect chance to establish himself as a lead actor, stepping away from his supporting role in new girl.

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But Morris isn’t the only familiar face on the show. He is joined by actors and comedians from other popular sitcoms such as Tony Hale from Development stopped and JB Smoove of Calm your enthusiasm. Several high-profile actors also appear as guest stars, including seasoned veterans like Cedric The Entertainer and Keith David.

ten Lamorne Morris – New Girl (2011-2018)

Winston Bishop reads Nick Miller's zombie novel on New Girl

In his pre-Wake up career, Lamorne Morris was most popular as Winston Bishop, one of the best characters in new girl. The sitcom starred Zooey Deschanel as a teacher who moves into a new apartment with three men as neighbors. The ensuing friendship forms a large part of the premise.

Some of the best Winston-centric episodes on new girl find him displaying his quirky humor and orchestrating pranks against the other characters. Morris co-stars like Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield are equally hilarious, adding to the wholesome nature of the sitcom.

9 Blake Anderson – Workaholic (2011-2017)

Blake Anderson wearing an American shirt on Workaholics.

Blake Anderson portrays Gunther, one of protagonist Keef’s roommates. Anderson brings his goofy energy to the character, much like the rest of his roles. Anderson has been involved in several comedy sketches and musical projects with The Wizards group along with fellow comedians Adam DeVine, Anders Holm and Kyle Newacheck.

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An essential work of The Wizards includes Workaholic, a seven-season original from Comedy Central starring the comedians as fictionalized versions of themselves. Viewers can expect plenty of drunken silliness and workplace comedy as the show traces their journey from college to the office. Not only does Anderson star in the series, but he’s also a co-writer and showrunner.


8 Aimé Garcia – MODOK (2021-)

Jodie Tarleton eats with MODOK.

After appearing in Dexter, Lucifer and many other shows, Aime Garcia has joined the regular cast of Wake up in its second season. His recent TV credits for Hulu also include animated superhero satire. MODOK.

The comedy series deals with the titular villain’s misadventures as he struggles to create terror (and often fails). Garcia plays his wife Jodie who constantly taunts him for his ineffectiveness as a villain. In fact, the “mom-blogger” ends up becoming a supervillain herself later on. With enough meta-humor and comic book references, shows like Marvel’s MODOK are aimed at a new generation of geeks who need a break from the usual Marvel and DC seriousness.

7 Rose McIver – Ghosts (2021-)

Utkarsh Ambudkar and Rose McIver hold hands and watch in Ghosts

Keef’s girlfriend, Adrienne, is also another artist in Wake up, played by Rose McIver who has had a diverse background in movies and television. Apart from Wake upShe also plays the lead role in Ghostsan American remake of the British series of the same name, as well as the comic adaptation iZombie.

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Alongside Utkarsh Ambudkar, she was highly praised for light-hearted supernatural comedy. The basic premise deals with a couple who move into a beautiful country house. However, this deal comes at a price as the residence is haunted by ghosts waiting to go to the afterlife. Even though the “haunted house” trope was done to death, Ghosts has enough self-aware humor to act as a subversion of the genre.

6 JB Smoove – Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000-)

Here is Keef’s marker in Wake up, JB Smoove is one of the series’ many guest stars who voice random objects. Smoove was seen most recently in all three MCUs Spider Man movies but this is his appearance on Calm your enthusiasm which passes as a standout act.

Created by and starring comedy heavyweight Larry David, Calm your enthusiasm is considered one of the best comedies on HBO to date. The show mainly details David’s life as a celebrity and the claim to Los Angeles nobility. Smoove appears as series regular Leon Black, a Los Angeles native who moves in with David and develops a rocky friendship. Smoove has won acclaim for his improv comedy on the show which is currently in its eleventh season.

5 Sasheer Zamata – Spree (2020)

Sasheer Zamata holding a microphone and smiling in the Spree

Media sensationalism is a major theme in Wake up and Sasheer Zamata’s character as a journalist is crucial in this regard. Zamata burst into the comedy scene as a cast member on saturday night live. As far as movies go, one of her under-the-radar performances might be playing comedian Jessie Adams in Party.

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The Stars of Psychological Horror Satire stranger things alumnus Joe Keery as a taxi driver who is determined to achieve viral fame online. When he devises a plan to live-stream his passenger’s murder, Adams escapes from his clutches, leading to a dogged cat-and-mouse chase.

4 Cedric The Entertainer – Madagascar Trilogy (2005-2012)

King Julien dancing, Death smiling and Maurice shrugging his shoulders in Madagascar

Popular stand-up comedian and host Cedric The Entertainer has an interesting voice credit on Wake up like a garbage can complaining about gentrification. Cédric has had his fair share of comedies from Grandma’s house for Hair salon. But when it comes to voice acting, his most popular role might be as lemur aye-aye Mort in the Madagascar movies.

Astute assistant to the gullible King Julien, Maurice helps him in his many royal failures. Sometimes he also hopes for Julien’s death so that he can seize Madagascarthe throne. Despite limited screen time, the character of Cedric has become a staple in the Dreamworks animated film franchise.

3 Keith David – Spawn (1997-1999)

Such is the bizarre comedy in Wake up that even a Bible speaks to Keef. The scripture is voiced by none other than voice acting veteran Keith David. While he has a slew of live action roles and animated voiceovers to his name, David has taken his baritone to another level with HBO’s adult animated show. Spawn.

Based on the comic book of the same name by Todd McFarlane, Spawn deals with a deceased soldier who is sent to Earth as a supernatural entity from hell. As he does the devil’s bidding, Spawn must also uncover the greater mystery behind his death. The cult classic is still considered a masterclass in superhero television with its exploration of themes like sin and redemption.

2 Tony Hale – Arrested Development (2003-2019)

Buster sitting on a bench in Arrested-Development

Tony Hale is no stranger to voiceovers with his ongoing animated shows like Crossing swords, Harley Quinn, and Forky asks a question. Even on Woke, he serves as the voice of the animated character Butter who asks Keef not to change his drawing style at all.

Before gaining popularity as a voice actor, Hale was also part of famous ensemble-led comedies such as Development stopped and Veep. In the first, Hale stars as Buster Bluth, an over-pampered rich kid whose scenes with his mother Lucille pay out comedic gold.

1 Wes Studi – Geronimo: An American Legend (1993)

Wes Studi holding a gun and looking up in Geronimo An American Legend Cropped

Expressing a spoonful educating Keef about Indigenous people, Wes Studi joins the pantheon of several guest stars on Wake up. The veteran actor has appeared in many acclaimed films such as Dances with Wolves, Heatand Geronimo: an American legend.

The historical western dealt with the Apache Wars and the eventual surrender of Geronimo. Studi played the title character, evoking the legendary Apache leader’s courage and his militaristic campaigns against the United States military.

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