Morbius Bows to $84 Million Worldwide; Sonic Booms overseas; Batman Surpasses $700 Million WW – Deadline

Refresh for latest…: New blood in the form of Sony’s Jared Leto Morbius topped the worldwide box office this weekend with a $84M debut, while Paramount sonic the hedgehog 2 went booming $25.5M from its first 31 offshore markets. Warner Bros/DC also has plenty to brag about as The Batman exceeded $700 million worldwide.

Starting with Sony’s Daniel Espinosa-led foray into its deeper Marvel canon, Morbius sunk his fangs into $44.9M in 62 international box office markets. This is slightly higher than expected heading into the session and leading the competition Birds of prey 10% like-for-like to today’s rates (that’s 10% below Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings). Morbius sucked in $5.5 million from IMAX worldwide, including $2.5 million from foreign screens.

There were No. 1s in 42 of the early markets, while Sonic came in at #1 in several where there was overlap. Morbius is an origin story about an obscure character who plays like a vampire movie that Sony kept the budget low at around $75 million before P&A.

The top 5 bows were in the UK ($4.2M), Mexico ($3.8M/+45% on Shang Chi). France ($3.3M/+34% vs. Birds of prey), the Middle East ($2.7M) and Korea ($2.6M/+36% vs. Birds of prey). The Netherlands and Hong Kong are still to come, while a release in China has not yet been determined. This market is incredibly soft right now amid widespread cinema closures (Sony’s Hotel Transylvania: Transformania releases today, grossing around $2 million so far, although the Qingming Festival is happening this week).


In front of his domestic bow, sonic the hedgehog 2 got off to a quick start in around 50% of the film‘s overseas footprint. Paramount is thrilled with the results which are 2% higher than the original 2020 film like-for-like. Increases were strong over the weekend with very positive word of mouth and #1s in key markets such as the UK ($6.4M/651 locations), France ($5.7M/675), Australia ($2.8M/$289), Spain ($2.2M/339) and Germany ($2.1M/553). Sweden, the Czech Republic, Austria, Norway, Belgium, New Zealand, Slovakia and South Africa also saw No. 1 starts.

Based on Sega’s video game franchise, the Jeff Fowler-directed sequel held pre-release event screenings for families, press and influencers to drive early word of mouth. Paramount has also leveraged its parent company’s global synergy with multi-market integrations on Nickelodeon, and in an effort to expand beyond family audiences to teenage and young adult gamers, the UK, Germany and Australia held livestream events on Twitch with local influencers.

The film is still slated for release in Mexico, Brazil, Italy, and Japan, among others.

School holidays start this week in many markets which should ensure a long tail for Sonic and should also benefit Morbiuseven as deals widen with Warner Bros Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets is expected to start playing in select markets this week.

THE BATMAN, Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, 2022. © Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

Also from Warner Bros, The Batman surpassed $700 million this session, landing at $710.5 million worldwide after an additional period $13.4M of 76 offshore markets. The international cumum is $361.5 million and takes were strong in the fifth frame in some key markets, including Germany (-6%), France (-27%), Italy (-28%) and the UK (-29%) . The latter leads all games with $50.2 million.

Universal/DreamWorks Animations The villains staked new majors this weekend, including the UK where the debut was $3.1 million at No. 3 and in line with Encanto. In Australiathe gang scored the highest animated opening of the pandemic at $1.7 million (the film is based on the books by Australian author Aaron Blabey). Spain continues to lead the game with $4.5 million to date. In total, the frame was $10.5M of 41 markets for a drop of 35%. The international cume is now $28.8M with France, China, Korea and Japan still in the lead as well as the domestic market.

We are still waiting for confirmed figures on the epic SS Rajamouli RRRthough it topped $100 million worldwide.


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