Minecraft Build Recreates Pixar’s Flying House

Minecraft players are incredibly talented and crafty and one player has just recreated the iconic Disney/Pixar’s Up house in the best way.

A Minecraft player just recreated Disney Pixar‘s iconic home At the top in the best way. Minecraft players are incredibly good at integrating locations and objects from other mediums into the game and making them feel like they belong perfectly in the world. From movies to TV shows Minecraft builders found ways to create iconic in-game scenes, like this awesome Harry Potter Minecraft Recreation.

Construction Enthusiasts Minecraft Always find ways to push the boundaries and create near-realistic builds in the game. The level of skill and ingenuity has continued to impress players and inspire them to build bigger and better things every time. With several tutorials available online and different mods that can be added to the game, players have come to the point where they even recreate real settings and share photos that look almost real. One of the most impressive builds, which is currently a work in progress, is the one-to-one Minecraft world where players from all over the world come together to build fully explorable cities.


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GamersGuildYT recently shared their most recent build on the Minecraftbuilds subreddit. They recreated Carl and Ellie’s iconic home from At the top and it’s complete with the porch, multicolored balloons and even a Minecraft Carl. The house flies through the air surrounded by clouds while being supported by the thousands of balloons Carl used to lift it. Gamers Guild also shared a link to the YouTube video on how they made this build possible. In creative mode, they actually took off to build the house from the foundation. In order to make the balls, GamersGuildYT first used wool of different colors attached to the fence and then built on it from there.

When a player focuses on the details, there are so many different looks and styles they are able to accomplish in Minecraftas this shows Minecraft soaring cyberpunk. GamersGuildYT recreation of the At the top the house seems to come straight out of a Minecraft Pixar movie. They included all the different colors on the outside and even included the garden hose outside by the porch. The speed and accuracy of Minecraft builders are always impressive and create stunning constructions.

There are so many ways players express themselves Minecraft and that’s one of the best parts of the game. They can choose to create an entirely new world based on their imagination or they can recreate one of their favorite pop culture scenes and locations as a Celestial Word Sword integrated tribute Minecraft. There are always so many impressive constructions and there are probably many more to come thanks to the talent of the Minecraft community.

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Source: GamersGuildYT/Reddit, Gamers Guild/YouTube

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