Meet the Kids of Nickelodeon Alum

Josh PeckThe family is growing more and more! Since his marriage to his wife, Paige O’Brien Peckin 2017, the couple welcomed a son together, Max Milo Peck, and announced that another baby is on the way in June 2022. We love to see it!

Josh recently starred in the revival of iCarlywhich many fans have since rejoiced Miranda Cosgrovewho plays Carly, also starred as Josh’s little sister, Megan, in Drake and Josh. “It was a really great experience and I’m very close with Josh’s wife, Paige,” Miranda said. D-14 exclusively. “I love him and his family and he’s one of those people I’ve known all my life and I’m really happy to have him.”

The Nickelodeon alum’s wife gave birth to their son, Max Milo, in December 2018. Josh recently wished his son a Happy birthday in a cute Instagram post. He wrote: “If life is a simulation, the kids are definitely the best part. Happy 3rd birthday Maxi, you make your mom and my heart sing.

On June 5, 2022, the couple announced that their second child was on the way when the mom-to-be posted a photo of herself cradling her baby bump via Instagram. “Is it mine or not?” Josh joked in a comment.

The how i met your father the star published her memoir happy people are boring in March 2022, opening in the novel about his public struggle with weight and a years-long drug addiction for the first time. “I was always looking for something outside to fix my insides,” he said. People at the time. “But eventually I realized that while my life was beyond my wildest dreams or a total mess, it didn’t change the temperature of what was going on in my mind.”

“I knew nothing in the outside world would make me feel whole,” he added. “It took me a very long time to love the 15-year-old version of me, but now I understand how strong he was. And I feel like everything in my life prepared me to find that chapter of health, peace and contentment. We are so happy that Josh has found happiness!

Scroll through our gallery to see the cutest photos of Josh’s son, Max Milo.

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