McMinn native receives award for his creations in a Pixar film | News

A McMinn County native has received an award for his designs in Pixar’s latest film, “Soul.”

Michael Watson currently lives in California but was born and raised in Athens.

He is also the founder of Hue Unlimited, which is a multicultural creative agency.

“I founded it as this ‘one man show’ but I wrote over and over on my vision board, ‘Hue is a collective,’ and that was before I had any partners,” Watson recalls . “A few years later I ended up partnering with a very good friend from Arkansas and it was kind of the next phase and the evolution of the business that really took things to the next level. superior.”

Today, Hue Unlimited works for a variety of large corporations and corporations.

“Everything we do is an experience,” he said. “We build brands, voices and content that aspire to audiences who look like us, and audiences who see things like us and yearn to see an endless future for creators.”

During the pandemic, Hue Unlimited collaborated with Disney and Pixar for the movie “Soul.”

“We hand-selected four up-and-coming artists from across the country and led the creative direction in creating the original merchandise inspired by the film and titled it ‘Made with Soul Collection’ and that the artwork featured are all designed by black artists,” Watson said. “In addition to directing this, our direction for the project, I also illustrated the title logos on my side.”

Hue Unlimited curated over 80 products that went live across all Disney Stores and at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

“At both Florida and California theme parks, we actually have our own Hue installation around the countryside still in the parks,” he noted. “We ended up winning a Clio Award for innovation and creative excellence thanks to this collaboration, which is very important in advertising and in the design world, so it’s nice to be known among some of the greatest names of the world.”

Watson said winning the award was very exciting and humbling for him.

“Coming from where we come from, you don’t really see a lot of opportunities like this. You don’t really see a lot of results like this, so I don’t take any of those things lightly,” a- “My goal is not just to experience my own version of success and happiness in my life on my own terms, but to be able to truly inspire others to let them know that anything is truly possible, no matter what. where you come from or what limits you think you have ahead of you.”

He believes that motivation helps drive the passion of his own artistic career forward.

“First of all, everything came from God in terms of vision and the ability to see things from a special lens,” he noted. “From my family, to my foundation, to my heart, to my vision – that’s really what drives everything. We wake up every morning and really focus on the intention that we make sure she’s leading this what we are doing and how it will affect the greater outcome of the things we would like to see better in this world.

He continues to aspire to greater accomplishments both in his career and in his personal life.

“It was about 12 years – I graduated from McMinn County High School in 2009, so as soon as I got to college at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) I started experimenting and meeting people from Nashville and other places who are just trying to kick-start my career any way they can,” he recalled. “We now work with some of the biggest artists and names in the world, from Samsung to Machine Gun Kelly to Anderson .Paak. So I’m really excited about these artists and brands that we’ve continued to build great relationships with and had great success with, but I’m really excited about our new project that will be announced in the coming months. We’ve actually teamed up with one of the biggest music companies in the world on a life-changing project in more ways than one and that’s what I’m really looking forward to.

Reflecting on his past, he believes his parents are the source that started his artistic journey.

“I have always been an artist from the beginning. I would always do coloring contests and I would be really hyper focused and committed to doing that so in and out of school it’s always been a super big passion for me but I would also say my parents have all two sown in my journey,” he said. . “My dad was walking around with this giant camcorder and he was going to record and capture moments and I watch now and what I get paid to do is capture those moments for other people and other brands. I can’t not give me credit for this stuff because my parents planted the seeds of “capturing the moment” and making and experimenting from everything so those seeds that were planted I would definitely credit that at my fundamental core.

He believes that his work completely encompasses all of his hobbies.

“I designed my life so that my hobbies are what I work on every day,” he said. “Taking photos, drawing, traveling, all those different things that lead to discovering and experiencing new things are my greatest hobbies.”

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