Mainstage 2021 – Smash Bros & Nickelodeon All-Stars Tournament


Mainstage 2021 will feature some of Smash Bros.’s best players, and some will trade in their GameCube controllers for a SpongeBob SquarePants game. This fighting games tournament mainly covers Smash Bros, but this time around it will also include a new game alongside the popular franchise. This is what will happen during the event, which will be held from November 12 to 14.

Mainstage 2021 tournament

The 2021 main stage is hosted by Beyond the Summit. Super Smash Bros is a unique fighter, training very different characters to fight in animated stages. The title features gameplay that has competitive skills that are completely different from normal competitive fighting games. Although this is the one that has become popular in fighting games in general. That could kind of explain the next big Smash bros esports tournament.

The Smash Ultimate portion of the event will be both a doubles and a singles tournament. Players compete here to win the Mainstage, but also to secure a spot at Smash Summit 12. As the biggest Smash event, these slots are a big deal. Only the top six players will qualify for the Smash Summit starting at Mainstage 2021. The Ultimate Singles bracket will be held on November 12-13.e, the Doubles taking place on the same day.

Melee on the main stage

Smash Ultimate may be the last version of the game, but nothing will replace Melee. The old game will still be part of Mainstage, with the same details as the Ultimate tournaments. These will take place on 12/13 Novembere for singles and November 12e for the Double.

Other games on Mainstage 2021

The two Smash titles currently in competitive rotation are definitely the main event. However, Mainstage will be running other games throughout to keep things lively. They were originally intended to include Project M +, the updated version of Project M, itself a fan mode to make Smash Bros. Brawl gameplay more Melee-compliant. This was removed at the request of Nintendo. However, even without Project M, there is a fun and unexpected inclusion for Mainstage, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

Braw All-Star Nickelodeon

This game will be present at the Mainstage 2021 as a single player event taking place on November 12e. This game is a tie-in that features characters from popular Nickelodeon franchises like SpongeBob, essentially simply mapped to Smash Bros. gameplay. It’s a bit similar to the Mario kart clone in the same All-Stars series.

It’s an odd inclusion for a Smash bros event, but the gameplay feels very familiar. It could make it a lot more fun to watch than it looks. Seeing pros trying to learn Smash-style gameplay in a casual on-the-fly fighting game is definitely going to be a fun change of pace from Melee. It’s not even the first All-Stars esport event either, there is a streamers tournament going on before that.

These are the events that will take place at Smash Mainstay 2021. Smash Bros. has seen a slow re-entry into in-person events, which has really created the anticipation of events like this. Tournaments have been held recently, but not with the same list of participants. Mainstay 2021 will feature some of Smash Bros’ best players like MKLeo, Hungrybox, Laffen, Tweek, and Zain. It will definitely be a fighting game tournament to watch.

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