Kenan Thompson responds after learning he’s only 3 sketches away from massive SNL milestone

Kenan Thompson has been a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live for almost 20 years, which means he did a lot of sketches and played maybe thousands of different characters. This season, however, Thompson has hit an all-time high of sketches on the variety show and he can’t believe it.

During the last episode of Saturday Night Livehosted by moon knightof Oscar Isaac, Thompson did 1,500 sketches. Before the show aired, he celebrated the instagram discovering that he only needed three more sketches to reach the number of steps:

It’s pretty amazing that Thompson hits 1,500 sketches on Saturday Night Live, and it makes me wonder how many more he’ll do before he’s done with the show. Around the same time he posted on Instagram, SNL shared a nice video of some crew members congratulating the comedian on his milestone, presumably after completing a skit. He’s the longest-serving cast member on the show and he doesn’t seem to have any plans to quit.

It’s no surprise that Kenan Thompson has taken such a big step, considering he’s been sketching for so much of his life. Before Saturday Night LiveThompson starred in another sketch series fans will remember, Nickelodeon‘s All that, who was basically the NBC show’s younger brother. Last year, Thompson credited the children’s network with shaping him for what he’s doing with his life right now.

As SNL, All that included sketches and musical guests and guest stars, as well as backstage hijinks. The comedian was one of the original cast members for the first five seasons and appeared in guest roles in a few of the subsequent seasons. Kenan Thompson also served as executive producer for the new iteration beginning in 2019-20. It’s nice to hear that Thompson is grateful for his Nickelodeon days, because he certainly wouldn’t be where he is today without them.

Next year will mark Thompson’s 20th anniversary Saturday Night Live, and it’s a feat no one else has been able to achieve. He’s already mentioned why he’s been on the show for so long and it’s simply because no week is ever the same; he always does something different. And with the show’s new contract with its cast, it’s able to work on other projects while also being in the sketches.

In addition to Saturday Night Live, Kenan Thomson also stars in and produces the sitcom Kenan, which wrapped its second season airing in January. Although some may fear that the series will take the performer away from the NBC variety series, SNL creator Lorne Michaels is also an executive producer on Kenanwhich should make it easier to plan everything at some level.

Season 47 of Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. EST on NBC. And if you’re a fan of Kenan Thompson, you should check out a number of his projects.

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