Kel Mitchell reveals celibacy was necessary to get him back on track

Sex with a lot of women was not “All that”.

Kel Mitchell – who rose to fame on Nickelodeon in the ’90s – said sleeping with a lot of women in their twenties and “mixing up spiritually” was harmful, leading the actor to celibacy for three years.

The “All That” star recently told Page Six that after seeking advice from his evangelist, he needed to “break free” from past relationships and sexual partners who were not “of God” or “connected” farewell”.

“What I had to do is I literally mentioned all the women I had had sex with… I forgave them and I forgave myself,” Mitchell, 43, told us. , adding: “After I said all of their names, they were released, I released my name from them, I released my mind from them.

He then explained that you can ask the Lord to “take his mind away from yours” to be made “free”.

“I was 20 at the time and it was just a liberating experience,” he said. “Like, I literally felt new. And then that’s when I decided I would be single. It made me realize, like many relationships, that it was all about sex.

Mitchell has shared his 4-year-old daughter Wisdom and 1-year-old son Honor with his wife Asia Lee for almost ten years. He also has two grown children, Allure, 20, and Lyric, 21, whom he shares with his ex-wife Tyisha Hampton.

Kel Mitchell
Kel Mitchell has been talking about being single for three years.
Getty Images for Netflix

The “Good Burger” actor, who recently published a book called “Blessed Mode: 90 Days to Level Up Your Faith,” also spoke about the ups and downs of fame and dealing with depression.

“Just because we’re celebrities doesn’t mean we’re not going through things,” he said. “I was broke. I have been on television and I have lost everything.

He added, “Because you’re in the entertainment business, they see whatever the last thing you were on and then when you have something else they merge those things together like that 15, 30 years had never happened. “

Between his projects, he admits there were a lot of ups and downs and he went bankrupt, left without a car and was unsure whether to continue playing or quit.

“I literally had to crawl back to where I needed to be, but in these difficult times I found a lot in me… and that’s why I wrote this book because of these difficult times. ”

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