Jurassic World was originally going to be a video game before becoming a movie

While promoting “Trespasser,” Seamus Blackley crossed paths with Bill Gates, who was then CEO of Microsoft. Having managed to impress Gates with the “physics and rendering” of the game, Blackley took a job with Gates’ company in 1999. “I got a lot of death threats, I thought I wouldn’t work. never again and all that,” he wrote. on Twitter, once again reminding everyone that toxic fandom is nothing to trivialize or belittle. As such, his plan was to “hide deep within Microsoft and fade from history”. How did it go for him? He went on to develop the Xbox in 2001, innovating the gaming industry along the way. “I suck at hiding,” Blackley admitted.

Realizing that “what kept great games from happening (early 2000s) was the funding” of his time working on the Xbox, Blackley left Microsoft in 2002 to co-found a game funding company, Capital. Entertainment Group, along with one of his former colleagues, Kevin Bachus. This, in time, would lead to him being “sucked” into the Creative Artists Agency (CAA), “the gigantic talent agency, where they promised to teach me the dark arts of STRUCTURED FINANCE FOR ENTERTAINMENT”, has explained Blackley.

Why is this important? Well, you see, CAA also had a man named Steven Spielberg among its clients at the time, which led to him crossing paths with Blackley on more than one occasion. Spielberg also didn’t like Blackley getting bogged down in the world of finance and intellectual property. “Steven was always like, ‘I don’t like you in this job. Why are you doing this job,'” Blackley added. So Spielberg spoke to the CAA chief and arranged for Blackley to develop a new “Jurassic Park” video game for Universal instead.

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