iCarly Season 2 reinforces Spencer’s decision to raise Carly

The following contains spoilers from iCarly Season 2, Episode 5, “iCupid”, airing now on Paramaccount+.

Carly tries to find Spencer the perfect match once she believes she’s the reason he never found “the one” in the iCarly Season 2 episode, “iCupid”. This plot features the perfect guest star in Crazy ex-girlfriendis Rachel Bloom as Spencer’s matchmaker, McKenna Donatacci. More importantly, it proves that Spencer’s choice to take care of Carly was never one of her red flags — it’s her biggest decision. iCarly could have undermined that feeling by relying too much on humor. Instead, it uses Carly and Spencer’s genuine bond and shared sense of humor to strike a chord with audiences. and McKenna.

iCarly is the Paramount+ revival of the Nickelodeon series with the same title. The original series aired from 2007 to 2012, while the revival debuted on the streaming service in 2021. The original comedy followed a young girl named Carly Shay as she balanced coming of age with a webcast at hit. She lived with her older brother, Spencer Shay, who helped her with her web show with her best friends, Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson. The revival aptly focuses on Carly’s revival of her web show after a breakup. On the other hand, and unsurprisingly, Spencer remains single as in the original series.

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In the original series, Spencer’s bachelor lifestyle was usually the butt of a joke due to the abnormal conditions of her relationships or the even weirder side effects of her many breakups. With this revival, iCarly can handle this aspect of Spencer’s character with a new level of maturity. the original iCarly targeted a younger audience, and Spencer was younger at the time as well. Now the show is older, and while he doesn’t want to admit it, Spencer is too. So Spencer’s comments at the start of “iCupid” are reason enough for Carly to worry that she stole something from her brother while he was her guardian.

Enter Rachel Bloom as McKenna Donatacci. iCarly is already full of guest stars from the original series. Bloom is the first guest star outside of the franchise to earn the breathless track that plays when Carly opens the door for her. Bloom is a comedic genius whose work on The CW’s Crazy ex-girlfriend won him an Emmy. So it’s fantastic to see her join iCarly for a short time. McKenna somehow resembles the hosts of many dating shows and none of them, posing as another of iCarlynotable parodies – such as the Pear Phone. Still, McKenna’s presence inspires a heartfelt scene.

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McKenna’s goal is for Spencer to lose some of her “red flags”. Like Spencer, he gets along with McKenna. But their brief sexual history doesn’t deter McKenna from seeing what she initially sees as Spencer’s biggest red flag: how close he is to his little sister. Their emotional bond isn’t even the only warning sign for McKenna. She is concerned that they still live in the same building, although they no longer live in the same apartment. With his unique and wonderful sense of humor, iCarly overturns McKenna’s judgment.

In the end, Spencer backs up her decision, saying, “Maybe I didn’t have a meaningful romantic relationship, but I raised the best woman I know — my sister.” Spencer’s love life may not be perfect, but his relationship with Carly will always be the most important he has with a woman. This claim comes to McKenna, who is jealous of their dynamic. Plus, it gives Spencer’s romantic past a new perspective. It is almost a tearful scene – until Spencer makes another statement that doesn’t land as well as the first. But it works because iCarly always find the balance.

New episodes of iCarly Season 2 are available every Thursday on Paramount+.

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