Hole Knight: Silksong to get 3-D trailer thanks to former Pixar member – Effects are spectacular


Because it was once officially introduced in February 2019, Hole Knight: Silksong has become a sequel with great anticipation for many lovers. Every organized match will increase the desire to know more about this name, but no, unfortunately there are no more important points and no release date. This long wait explains why a former Pixar worker team member wanted to create a three-dimensional trailer for Silksong, giving awesome effects.

This animated trailer begins with the protagonist of the sport, Hornet, passing her method through a huge door that overlooked her. Lantern in hand, he sets off in search of a mysterious and dismal setting until he meets a The Knight’s familiar and cracked skull, which may remind you of a few main points if you made the first installment.

It is not the first time Three-dimensional print man, This is the name of the trailer author’s YouTube channel, which uploads three-dimensional animations of current video games. You will also be able to see different movies on Amongst Us or League of Legends that seem to be created by the builders themselves, and this is the person responsible for those movies. is devoted to three-dimensional modeling.

Thanks to this video, we’ll get a feel for what the Hole Knight sequel will look like, although these days we still wouldn’t have an authentic release date. Alternatively, its developer Workforce Cherry has already commented that this recreation “will suit the standard of the single”. Plus, the good news persisted for them, as Hole Knight just broke its record for work on Steam after 4 years of its release.

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