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Disney’s Live-Action Hercules is slowly moving through pre-production with the Russo Brothers at the helm as they plan to expand the original.

Disney live action Hercules is slowly moving into pre-production with the Russo Brothers at the helm, confirming last year that“it’s still in development,” during an interview on Lights Camera Bar Stool. The Russo Brothers are Marvel’s Most Famous Directors Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. With these two globally successful and gigantically epic films under their belt, it’s safe to say that the Russos may be just the men to bring along. Hercules successfully out of animation and into live action.

the anime Hercules came out over two decades ago in 1997 and Disney’s attention has shifted to this popular film. The film followed Hercules from baby to hero, accelerating the mythical trials and focusing on the goals of classic Disney villain Hades to topple Mount Olympus. The Russos suggested in the same interview last year that they had fond memories of the classic film, their children having grown up watching it, and that they were keen to “build a world from [Hercules] and expand it to something irresistible”. It looks like the Brothers will respect the source material while offering audiences something new.


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Concrete details on much of the live action Hercules the project remains sketchy. That said, there are several rumors swirling around the movie that is yet to be released that will seriously get fans excited. Here’s everything we know about the live-action Hercules until now.

Hercules Live-Action Cast

Josh Gad Phil Hercules Live

While there are no confirmed official cast members attached to Hercules so far, there have been many rumors circulating suggesting that a star from the animated version of the film may reappear. Josh Gad has spoken out thinking Danny Devito should reprise his role as Phil, Hercules’ satyr trainer. When you’re looking to kick off the Disney live action Hercules, one of the voice actors from the original animation would certainly be well received by legacy fans. While no actors are on board so far, there is precedent for Disney’s live-action adaptations to bring in historical talent. The Lion King recasting James Earl Jones in the iconic role of Mufasa, refusing to believe anyone else could fill that role – for this reason, many fans think it’s entirely possible that Disney will ask Devito to reprise his role as well.

Story of Hercules: What Could Happen?

Baby Hercules and Baby Pegasus in Disney's Hercules.

With most of Disney’s previous live-action installations, remakes have often followed the overarching plot presented by the original Disney films, so it’s only logical to expect the Russos to give Hercules the same treatment. However, to attract a new audience while securing returning fans, Hercules can add additional footage that showcases the increasingly impressive CGI technology, as well as the power of Hercules. The character is based on the Greek legend “Twelve Paths of Hercules” and this myth forms the basis of Phil’s training in the animated film. A similar structure can serve the live reboot well.

How Much Will Disney Change Hercules?


As audiences have seen in previous live-action adaptations, Disney normally wants to stick closely to the original story, while giving filmmakers the ability to add depth, backstory, and drama. expand the plot to create a true blockbuster. In The beauty and the Beast, for example, new songs were added and a backstory was constructed to explain Belle’s mother’s absence; in Dumbo even more artistic license was used, adding many additional characters and plot points to an otherwise shallow story. Referring to the Russo brothers’ comments on the progress of the film, it seems that they want to develop and expand the Hercules story that everyone grew up loving. While there may not be Disney songs for these characters, it seems likely that some changes will be made.

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