Has there been a drop in quality in recent films?


Once upon a time there was a small company that dreamed of reinventing the animation industry. Pixar defied cinema standards with its acclaimed debut film, Toy story. The film’s charm and originality was unlike anything moviegoers had ever seen, and it caused a shock that could only be compared to what people felt in 1937 when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs introduces cinemas to animated feature films.

However, in recent years things seem to have changed for the good ol ‘Pixar. Their latest films lack this certainty I do not know what that made previous Pixar movies so iconic. Pixar is losing its magic? Why do movies like Luca and Turn red look so soulless compared to Monsters Inc. and Ratatouille?

Let’s take a closer look at what happened with Pixar’s creative process – and why perspective matters.

Create a masterpiece

The first one Toy story the film was released in 1995; in comparison, other animated films released in the same year include A wacky movie and Pocahontas. While these films (especially Pocahontas) became cult classics for Disney, they lacked real innovation in terms of storytelling.

Toy story introduced audiences to a whole new way of making movies. Sure, the idea of ​​toys competing for their owner’s sake may not look very good on paper, but the undeniable charm of Woody and Buzz has proven to resonate with moviegoers of all ages. This ability to take something seemingly simple and give it a soul would become Pixar’s hallmark for years to come. Until he started to repeat himself.

Pixar movie suites

Attack of the sequels

When Toy story 2 Released in theaters in 1999, audiences were delighted to receive the sequel to one of the most beloved animated films in cinema history. However, the same cannot be said of Cars 2, one of the lowest-rated films on the studio’s record.

That’s not to say every Pixar sequel is bad: Toy story 3 could very well be the studio’s best film, a satisfying conclusion to a beloved franchise. A perfect ending that is immediately canceled by another sequel: Toy story 4. It quickly becomes clear that Pixar is at its best when it comes to making films born out of a drive to innovate, not when it mindlessly releases films that are only there to fill a void.

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Looking forward to the next Pixar movies

The past two years have been an eventful time for everyone, including movie studios. Pixar changed its business model with the advent of Disney +, and it looks like the quality of its films has changed as well. Movies like those of 2020 Soul Proved Pixar can still conjure up interesting concepts, but they’re diluted by overly long run times and goofy excess humor.

At the very least, Soul had superb artistic direction, something that Luca seems sorely lacking. While the story was fine for a children’s movie, most of the characters seem straight out of a DreamWorks movie – something the old Pixar always avoided.

These streamlined designs and risk-free approach to storytelling are seemingly present in Pixar’s upcoming 2022 film. Turn red. Meanwhile, Disney’s own CGI films, like Encanto and Frozen II, seem to reproduce the innovative spirit of the Pixar of the 2000s.

Only time can tell what will happen with Pixar in the future. Every studio has its ups and downs, and given the studio’s track record, it wouldn’t be too shocking to see the studio dramatically change course in the years to come. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a new one Ratatouille sooner than we thought. Just hope we don’t get any Cars 4 rather.

What do you think? Has there been a drop in quality in recent Pixar movies?

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