Harry Potter Wizarding World looks great with real snow at Universal Studios in Beijing


Beijing saw its first snowfall yesterday since Universal Studios Beijing opened in September. While the snow may not seem ideal for a theme park, it fits perfectly with the theme of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade.


  • The snow-capped Hogsmeade rooftops were blanketed in actual snow, a sight guests can’t see at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando or Universal Studios Hollywood.
  • Twitter user @themeparx shared four Harry Potter themed images of the Covered Earth and it looked nothing short of spectacular:

Learn more about Universal Studios Beijing:

  • The Universal Beijing Resort, which opened in September, is unique in China – representing a collection of Universal’s most popular attractions from around the world as well as themed experiences reflecting China’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Guests enter the dazzling CityWalk entertainment complex and approach the magnificent Universal Grand Hotel, which serves as the gateway to the entire park.
  • Once inside, seven immersive and expansive themed grounds unfold around a central lagoon.
  • The seven spectacular thematic lands include:
    • Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness
    • Metrobase transformers
    • Land of Minions
    • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
    • Jurassic World Isla Nublar
    • Hollywood
    • Water world
  • Each land is a collection of immersive experiences, including themed rides and attractions, shows, entertainment, shopping, and dining with incredible food and drink.
  • Universal shared some details on some of the products in development, including some iconic landmarks and the most anticipated rides in these themed lands of Universal Studios Beijing, through inspiring concept images and videos.
  • Some highlights are:
    • In Transformers Metrobase, the world’s first Transformers to land exclusively built in Universal Beijing Resort, guests can choose to become “guest agents” and battle Autobots on thrilling rides like the Decepticoaster, the Biggest Roller Coaster, and the Biggest Roller Coaster. most exciting of the complex. or the Transformers: Battle for the AllSpark, one of the nation’s most popular rides, or visit the Energon Power Plant to “re-energize” like a robot.
    • Guests can explore The Valley of Peace of Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness, inspired by the beloved DreamWorks Animation film franchise. Located in “Legendary China”, it is Universal’s first country with a Kung Fu Panda theme. The Peace Valley is the small town where Po, the panda hero of this story, lives. Guests can go on a Kung Fu adventure with Po, battling Tian Sha in a unique channel tour, Kung Fu Panda Journey of the Dragon Warrior.
    • Inspired by Illumination’s Ugly, Villainous Me franchise, Minion Land exhilarates and captivates guests, welcoming them into a spectacular and one-of-a-kind immersive experience that invites them to explore iconic locations from blockbusters like never before. Across the country, guests can interact with the mischievous Minions themselves and, in the country’s flagship attraction, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, guests join Gru, his daughters and the Minions for an unpredictable and totally electrifying ride. Guests transform into Minions and are embarked on an unforgettable journey through Gru’s Super Villain Lab.
    • Entering the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Hogwarts Castle perfectly embodies this incredible world full of endless possibilities. Discover Dumbledore’s Office, Defense Against the Dark Arts class, Gryffindor Common Room, and the On-Demand Room. The beloved Butter Beer is also available for guests. Plus, guests can experience an adventure like no other with Harry Potter and the Forbidden Voyage. This must-see ride will refresh guests’ understanding of immersive entertainment and allow guests to travel with Harry on a journey through familiar scenes from the film and experience a completely immersive journey into the Wizarding World.
    • Welcome to Jurassic World Isla Nublar, inspired by the legendary hit franchise from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. Guests will explore this island of wonder and thrill where dinosaurs once again roam the Earth. Inside, guests will experience an authentic and beautiful world that has been expertly brought to life in stunning detail. Guests can explore this hidden world with four unique areas filled with interactive adventures. With “Jurassic World Adventure”, the main attraction of this region, guests will take the Automatic Off-Road Luxury System (ATLAS) into the wilderness of Nublar Island and embark on an adventure into the turbulent world of dinosaurs, meeting Tyrannosaurus rex, Indominus rex and velociraptor.

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