Guillermo del Toro’s “Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans” Reaches Epic Conclusion


Selling Camelot’s story to a generation of kids steeped in video games, TikTok, and STEM seems almost overwhelming. That is, unless you add aliens, robots, and a quest to save the world from a trio of titans determined to hit the Earth reset button. This is the case with the latest installation in the Trollhunters franchise from filmmaker Guillermo del Toro – Troll Hunters: Rise of the Titans.

With a star voice cast including Emile Hirsch, Lexi Medrano, Charlie Saxton, Kelsey Grammer, Alfred Molina, Steven Yeun, Nick Frost, Colin O’Donoghue, Diego Luna, Tatiana Maslany, Nick Offerman and James Hong, the latter – finally – Troll hunters The film offers exquisite animation, superb performances and fantastic action sequences that reach a fever pitch. The film is produced by DreamWorks Animation and premieres on Netflix on July 21.

the Troll hunters the franchise is extremely popular and Rise of the Titans aims to end the series on a high note. Parentology spoke with Lexi Medrano, who voices Claire, about leaving this fantasy world behind, why fans hold a special place in her heart, and del Toro’s secret to making nasty guacamole.

The last chapter

In many ways, Arcadia looks like an ordinary city. Scratch the surface, however, and it quickly becomes apparent that this sleepy pastoral town is a link to the otherworldly battles between trolls, aliens, wizards, and common people. This time our heroes of Troll hunters, 3 below, and Wizards lined up to fight the Arcane Order, a trio of malevolent wizards, before unleashing three titans to cause doomsday reckoning.

The problem? Our hero Jim faces an existential crisis: without Merlin’s amulet, is he even a Troll Hunter? What makes a hero? Can he save Arcadia – and the world – without magic?

Not without everyone coming together, says Medrano.

“We are protecting humanity, as we have done many times before,” she said. “But this time there’s a lot more going on. This time, they regroup. We moved in with this whole little family; Blinky, Aargh, Jim, Toby and Claire, Aja and Krell, and now we have Douxie. It is a family that fights the world. Our new mantra is “Don’t think, become. “

Toby (voice of Charlie Saxton), Jim (voice of Emile Hirsch) and Aja (voice of Tatiana Maslany). Photo: DreamWorks Animation © 2021

Life mimics art for Medrano, who has spent the past eight years working with his beloved comrades, as well as series creator Guillermo del Toro on Troll Hunters: Rise of the Titans. It calls the experience nothing less than magic. References to a twelfth-century tale would fall flat into less skilled hands; Fortunately, del Toro has a flair for the afterlife and a passion for the fantastic.

“He put his own touches on it,” says Medrano, who calls del Toro one of the nicest, sweetest, and brightest people she’s ever worked with. “We talked about it based on his childhood. There’s a scene in the fifth or eighth episode of the first season where I’m making guacamole. I say a line about milk being my secret ingredient, and it’s actually Guillermo’s secret recipe, so he definitely threw his love into that.

Rise or die

Basically, the world of Troll hunters works because of its ageless appeal to a wider audience; Whether you want to discuss aliens, literary tropes, or magical creatures, there’s a place for everyone at the table. Medrano points out that the franchise’s loyal fan base, a collection of brand-loyal “ride or dies”, is one of the main reasons for the series’ success in recent years.

“Our ride or our deaths are incredible. We have memes made of us – the best fandom ever. They listen so much, they care so much and they follow everything so closely, ”explains Medrano. “I think they’re so sad to see this ending. But, they are also so excited for this movie. The hype on Twitter right now is insane, and I love every minute of it. I think it’s gonna be so much fun.

About Claire

Guillermo del Toro's troll hunters rise of the titans
Claire (voiced by Lexi Medrano) and Douxie (voiced by Colin O’Donoghue). Photo: DreamWorks Animation © 2021

As always, we love a strong female character. Claire is not only a lover, she is a warrior; tough, loyal, empathetic, powerful. A fickle and restless Guinevere, she is not.

Medrano appreciated Claire’s evolution from high school drama geek to sci-fi soldier. Sometimes it’s hard to decipher where Claire ends and Medrano begins.

“From the start, Claire was powerful. But over the past few years, it has become unstoppable, ”she says. “She is courageous, she is willful, she is determined, she is loyal. Being able to not only portray her on the show but also see the fans’ reactions, how they grab her and her absolute strength brings me total happiness. And being such a strong female leader, especially these days, means absolutely everything. “

Art really tends to mimic life in the world of Troll hunters. People perish, they leave, they cry, heal and move on – sometimes fighting giant alien robots armed with guns in the process. This final chapter is elegiac and hopeful, demanding that when the time comes, we all do our part to strive for what remains of our humanity.

As Claire puts it in the movie, “What feels like a burden on our shoulders is actually a sense of purpose that lifts us to greater heights.”

Troll Hunters: Rise of the Titans by Guillermo del Toro

the Guillermo del Toro movie Troll Hunters: Rise of the Titans premieres July 21 on Netflix. Below is a video covering everything you need to know when you watch the movie this week!

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