Fifteen years of meeting with the Robinsons. Keep moving forward.

Fifteen years ago, in 2007, we were treated to a wonderful story about never giving up and carrying on in life no matter how many times you might fail. Meet the Robinsons was Disney’s 47th animated feature and was the second all-CGI animated film after 2005 Little chicken.

The film follows Louis, a 12-year-old boy living in an orphanage, who has a knack for inventing things. While attempting to build a memory scanner, it is sabotaged by a villain known as the “Bowler Hat Guy”, a man from the future who traveled to the past to ruin Lewis’ future life.

Lewis must then trust a 13-year-old boy from the future named Wilber Robinson, son of Cornelius Robinson, the inventor of time travel. While Lewis is stuck 30 years in the future, he meets Wilber’s family “The Robinsons” and eventually rediscovers his desire to create great inventions.

The film ends with a quote from Walt Disney himself with the highlighted phrase “keep moving forwardbeing the film’s motto. The song “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas was specially made for the film and plays at the end.

The film began production in 2004 and was written and directed by Stephen Anderson, an animator who had previously worked on films such as Dangerfield Prowler and baby children. The film’s source material was the 1990 children’s book A day with Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce.

Stephen was drawn to the film by the film’s protagonist Lewis because he himself was adopted. While working on the film, they wanted to get closer to Joyce’s art style but had to change it due to robots from Blue Sky Studios with a similar art style.

The film was originally slated for release in 2006, but in January of that year, when Disney completed its acquisition of Pixar, John Lasseter was named head of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation. John watched an early showing and felt changes needed to be made, removing almost 60% of what had already been done.

The film’s voice cast consisted of actors like Nichole Sullivan, Tom Selleck, Adam West, Jordan Fray, Laurie Metcalf, Angela Basset, and voice actor Tom Kenny. Voices were also provided by Disney staff like producer Ethan Sandler, director Don Hall, director Nathan Greeno, and even Stephan Anderson himself as Bowler Hat Guy, among other voices.

The film was released on March 30, 2007, and only broke even at the box office, earning $169 million on a budget of $150 million. Part of the reason can be attributed to Will Ferrell’s comedy film Blade of Glory out that same weekend.

Despite the disappointing box office, a sequel was in the works called Meet the Robinsons: 2: First Datebut was scrapped when John Lasseter officially took full control and ended Disney’s direct-to-video sequel craze in favor of original projects.

The film has since become a cult classic among those who saw it upon its initial release and is considered a positive film about never giving up on your dreams, even if you fail the first few times.

To this day, fans are still hoping for some sort of attraction to appear on Tomorrowland.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s definitely worth it.

Hey, since the movie was released in 2007 and the future is 2037, that means we’re only halfway there. Another 15 years and we will travel by bubble.

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