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After almost a decade, the How to train your dragon The trilogy came to an end in 2019, concluding the epic tale of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock and his faithful companion Toothless. Fans were first introduced to the duo in 2010 with How to train your dragon. Relations between humans and dragons were at first hostile. The two had been at war with each other for ages before the events of the film, but it took an underweight outcast with no potential to find peace in the chaos upon discovering their longtime adversaries. From there, Hiccup and Toothless would forever change the world of Vikings and dragons by showing everyone that they could live in harmony. The two would face many threats together, from warlords, dragon hunters, and cannibalistic dragons. However, despite the unique threats and epic adventures, the series has always been at the heart of a story of growth, following the Viking heir from being a hopeless boy to a leader.

The franchise is way bigger than the movies, though. There are three television series based on the world of Berk. One is an eight-season follow-up to the 2010 film that continues the story of Hiccup and his friends leading into the 2014 sequel. Then there are two spin-off series with original stories, further expanding the family universe. that fans love. Here is a ranking of the position of each movie and TV series.

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6 DreamWorks Dragons: The Nine Realms

Set over 1000 years after the movie trilogy, dragons are nothing but myths and legends in the modern world. This all changes with the emergence of a large fissure in the earth descending for miles. Scientists and experts from around the world rush to the site to study the anomaly, but it’s a group of misfit children who uncover its mysteries. Dragons still exist, and now these children know where they’ve been. Now it’s up to them to protect the secret.

DreamWorks Dragons: The Nine Realms reinvents the lore fans have come to know and love by bringing it into the modern world. It’s an idea many have wondered about, but does it continue the franchise’s magic? It gets there. This series features a likable, if somewhat generic cast of characters. They each get an episode to meet and bond with their own respective dragons, but with only six half-hour episodes, as fun as they are, it causes some pacing issues that don’t see the threads of the game. ‘important plot get the proper development they need. The whole first season, as a whole, serves more as an introduction to this new world. The Nine Kingdoms has a lot of potential, but it will need to push things forward in its second season to really strike a chord with fans.

5 DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Rider

Dragons: rescue riders stands out from all the other entries on this list by targeting young children. In the town of Huttsgalor, twins Dak and Leyla share the ability to speak to dragons. Together, the siblings use this magical ability to lead a team of dragons in rescuing other dragons and helping their fellow citizens’ men. These are the Rescue Riders.

Audiences of the other two Dragons series on this list may not enjoy this one as much as it doesn’t focus on more mature stories. Instead, each episode introduces new dragons and interesting characters in fun adventures that tend to end with a moral lesson of some kind. The villains are of the comic variety and most of the threats are outlandish. Since the twins can communicate with each other, dragons have more personality than other shows/movies in this franchise. Also, while not completely authentic, each of the characters is likable. This series doesn’t try to be anything more than what it is, a basic but enjoyable adventure show for little kids. Older audiences won’t enjoy it as much, but kids seven and under will love it.

4 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

A year after the 2014 sequel, Berk is thriving as a Dragon and Viking utopia with Hiccup as its leader. But as happy as life can be, the villagers struggle with overpopulation, prompting Toothless and his rider to take flight again to find the prophesied hidden world where dragons can live freely. However, the adventure won’t be easy as a ruthless dragon hunter is after Toothless, seeking to make Night Fury his alpha. If that wasn’t enough, Toothless encounters a “Light Fury” woman, capturing her fascination and testing her bond with Hiccup. With everything at stake, hard choices must be made to change the fates of Vikings and dragons forever.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is the conclusion of Hiccup’s growth story. Although it is rated lower than its predecessors, this in no way reflects the quality of this film. In fact, it’s a spectacular conclusion full of stunning visuals and deep storytelling that brought fans to tears beyond the last few minutes. What could have been dispensed with was to focus on the members of Hiccup’s less explored friends, Snotlout, Ruffnutt, and Tuffnutt. These minor characters have always been entertaining, but they’re too irritating to add anything to the story. Grimmel, the villain, is arguably the best in the entire series, being very similar to Hiccup while getting the better of him and his band of heroes at every turn. But as fascinating as it may be, it’s not as comprehensive as it could have been. Choice of story aside, the hidden world is stellar and must-have for everyone.

3 How to Train Your Dragon 2

Set five years after the first film, Hiccup is now an accomplished dragon rider and a hero to his people. He is not without his share of growing pains, however, as his father, Stoic, urges him to fill his shoes as a leader. He doesn’t feel ready for the role, especially when he has to face the ruthless warrior Drago Bludvist. He must also deal with the re-emergence of his mother, long believed to be dead. With the fate of their established peace in jeopardy, it’s up to Hiccup to rise to the occasion once again to save Berk and all types of dragons from damnation.

This sequel to the 2010 hit was heavily inspired by Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back by doubling the action and the intensity. It’s a mature exploration of the darker theme of war, but it’s also a touching story of responsibility and compassion. Contrary to hidden world, we never lose sight of the main characters who drew us into this wondrous universe as we see how they grew up in their ever-changing world and grapple with tough choices. With expert handling of dark themes and a more serious story, it’s no wonder Screen Rant rated it the best of the trilogy. These movies are a story of growth for Hiccup, and this one sees him fulfill his destiny of becoming the leader he was always meant to be in Berks’ darkest hour.

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2 DreamWorks Dragons

Set between the first two films, DreamWorks Dragons follows Hiccup as he attempts to maintain balance in the new harmony between dragons and Vikings. With the help of his fellow teenage Vikings, they explore new worlds far tougher than Berk. They also discover new species of dragons along the way, some of which cannot be tamed. If that wasn’t enough, they start encountering new enemies who don’t seem to agree with the newly established order and will do anything to destroy it.

In second place is this anime series which arguably gave the trilogy a run for its money. While most animated TV adaptations tend to be hit or miss, this one elevated the lore and fans everywhere fell in love as it continued Hiccups’ story after ending the long-running conflict. . It starts right after the first movie with the Vikings and dragons still learning to live together. Fans watch as they become one community over time, with many characters from the early films getting their first dragons. We also see the original character introductions for the series, two of which include Viggo and Ryker, the series’ main antagonists with direct ties to Drago Bludvist. DreamWorks Dragons never slows down and only gets better with each season before finally bonding with the How to Train Your Dragon 2.

1 How to train your dragon

First up on the list goes to the film that set the stage for the rest of the franchise. How to train your dragon sees the Vikings of Berk embroiled in a long-running conflict with the reptilian species. Hiccup, who is only fifteen years old here, is something of an outcast as he possesses no combat abilities and is skinny compared to the rest of the community. However, everything changes when he captures a Night Fury, a rare breed that no one has ever seen up close. Rather than kill the beast, he befriends it. Through their growing bond, he begins to see that they got the creatures wrong. Now it’s up to him to set the record straight before his father leads an army into their nest to wipe them out forever.

Although it’s over a decade old, this movie still holds up. DreamWorks made a great choice by excluding the pop culture references prevalent in movies like Shrek and Madagascar and make this adventure a self-contained blast. The humor isn’t outdated and the heartfelt moments always resonate with audiences new and old. The film also receives extra points on the backend for its stunning flight sequences, Oscar and BAFTA nominated rating, and positive portrayal of disability, something rarely seen, especially in children’s films. While not every fan can connect with the other episodes on this list, this one can bring joy to everyone of all ages. It is rare to find a film that can touch several generations, and How to train your dragon is sure to do so for many years to come.

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