Encanto’s director explains the flickering of the candles during the gift giving ceremony in Mirabel

Encanto director Jared Bush explains why Abuela’s candle flickers during the Mirabel gift-giving ceremony, perhaps confirming a key fan theory in the process.

Encanto director Jared Bush explains why Abuela’s candle flickers during the gift giving ceremony in Mirabel. Walt Disney Animation Studios’ latest film was first released in November last year, but only really took off with audiences after its December 24 Disney+ release. Encanto became the studio’s biggest hit with audiences since 2013 Frozenwith its Lin-Manuel Miranda-penned soundtrack setting music chart performance records for the studio.

Although embraced for things like its cultural fidelity or thought-provoking themes, audiences also enjoyed engaging with Encanto fan theories, pouring into scenes to find previously unnoticed details in the animation. Many of them focus on the Mirabel donation ceremony, an event that mysteriously left the protagonist without magical power and served as the catalyst for the miracle of endangering the Madrigal family years later. Some theories, such as Mirabel accidentally sabotaging her gift by erasing Abuela’s candle magic, have been debunked by the filmmakers, but viewers continue to search for new angles that might explain what happened.


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Now in a scene breakdown video by vanity loungeBush explains a key detail that could help Encanto fans flesh out their theories. When young Mirabel’s door unexpectedly fades away, Abuela notices her candle flame flickering and the director reveals that it was important to the filmmakers that this happened. after the ceremony had already gone wrong. He says the Enacnto The team has always believed that the candle magic was tied to Abuela’s unconditional love, and the flame flickers as a result of her reaction to Mirabel being denied a gift, rather than a hint. of what made the ceremony abort. Check out Bush’s full comment below:

One of the things we really liked here is this notion that the candle only flickers after that point, and one of the reasons we liked that is because we always thought there was a connection between Abuela’s unconditional love and magic. And that when that door started to fade, there might have been something about her unconditional love that flickered, and therefore the candle flickered as well. So figuring out that timing and understanding those rules, even if we never convey them to the audience, was something that we had to know while we were creating the story.

Encanto Mirabel gift giving ceremony

For those looking to experience the full workings of Encanto‘s miracle, this answer is revealing in several ways. Firmly establishing a connection between Abuela’s love and candle magic, the director reveals that the miracle’s subsequent decline is not a reflection of the pain the Madrigals felt trying to live up to their expectations. an incredibly perfect family picture, but rather an indication that Abuela’s love is now somewhat conditional. This explains why the candle goes out when she does, as Mirabel confronts her grandmother with the reality that neither of them could ever live up to her standards and accuses her of losing her love. for the family.

Moreover, by emphasizing the moment of the flickering of the candle, Bush seems to confirm that the Mirabel gift-giving ceremony did not go badly. Fans have long speculated that Mirabel has been cast as the new Abuela, the miracle keeper and family matriarch – indeed, her rainbow Encanto reveals that her true gift is the ability to love her family unconditionally, which makes her, in Bush’s description, perfect for the job. With this knowledge more substantiated than before, Encanto fans can now use it to help explain other aspects of the story – including why Bruno’s Mirabel prophecy included two possible outcomes.

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