‘Encanto’ benefits from post-holiday streaming surge on Disney+ – The Hollywood Reporter

The Entrance of the Walt Disney Animation Family Encanto barely suffered from a post-holiday funk.

The family film remained at the top of Nielsen’s streaming movies chart for the week of January 17-23 with 1.51 billion minutes watched after recording 2.2 billion minutes watched when it launched on Disney+ between Christmas and the new Year.

And Encanto ranked No. 2 on Nielsen’s overall broadcast chart mid-month as viewership soared to a record high in January.

About 25 percent of EncantoViewership continued to come from Hispanic households, while it remained highest for people between the ages of 2 and 11, according to Nielsen.

Nielsen also noted that Encantoin an unusual feat, saw its viewership increase from the previous week.

Family fare dominated all around. Amazon Prime Video and Sony Hotel Transylvania: Transformania ranked No. 2 for the week of January 17-23 (595 million minutes).

Superheroes took third place after Marvel and Disney’s Eternals.

The top 10 streaming movies for the week of January 17-23 are below (see TV ratings here). Original films are marked with an asterisk. Rankings include Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix and Prime Video.

1. Encanto (Disney+), 1.1 billion minutes viewed
2. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania* (Prime Video), 595 million
3. Eternals* (Disney+), 557 million
4. Cheeky (Netflix), 374 million
5. The royal treatment (Netflix), 329 million
6. Don’t look up* (Netflix), 278 minutes
7. Moana (Disney+), 216 million
8. After our fall (Netflix), 190 million
9. Riverdance: The Animated Adventure (Netflix), 188 million
ten. under suspicion (Netflix), 177 million

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