DreamWorks Animation: 10 Villains Who Were Basically Right


DreamWorks Animation has long provided a list of great alternatives in an animation world dominated by Disney and Pixar. Franchises like Kung Fu Panda, How to train your dragon, Shrek, and Madagascar have cemented the company’s legacy in this field by producing several incredible films.

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Part of building this rep was creating memorable villains who rightfully gave the heroes they faced a run for their money. And in many cases, these villains made excellent arguments that their opponents probably should have listened to. Again, the problem is usually how they said it and not what they said.

ten Dave’s feelings of inadequacy are completely understandable (Penguins of Madagascar)

Dave explains his plans to the Penguins

the Madagascar franchise has produced several great movies, not to mention some TV spinoffs. But the stars of the entire franchise were the Penguins, a paramilitary group of flightless birds led by Skipper. They have their own TV series and their own feature film.

In the Penguins of Madagascar film, The Penguins faced off against the infamous Dave the Octopus. His nastiness was rooted in his bitterness of being a forgotten zoo exhibit. Dave’s motivations were actually pretty easy to pinpoint, as time leaves everyone behind.

9 Titan got the truth about being a villain (Megamind)

Close eyes to the camera

Megamind was a unique story as the focus was on the titular villain. He ultimately defeated his lifelong rival, Metroman, and had Metro City all to himself. But he got bored and decided to create a new hero to fight, named Titan.

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Unfortunately, Titan got two key points wrong. First of all, he continued to spell his name like “Tighten”. Second, he has become a villain. But in Tighten’s idiocy, there was a simple, inherent truth to being a villain that Megamind never quite understood. It’s really about robbing banks and taking what he wanted.

8 Francis E. Francis was right that puppies were cute (The Boss Baby)

Francis E. Francis visits his employees

Some popular films are coming out of left field. While The boss baby was a surprise success story and a decent movie, the fact that DreamWorks capitalized on it isn’t. A spin-off animated television series has been produced as well as a sequel film in 2021.

The villain of the first film was Francis E. Francis, a former star player of Baby Corp. He was bitter that he was forced to grow up and decided to take revenge by using puppies to topple babies like the cutest things on Earth. The truth is, puppies are adorable, which the heroes of the story knew.

7 The Fairy Godmother had a point about Shrek (Shrek 2)

The fairy godmother turns everyone against Shrek

the Shrek The franchise was instrumental in transforming DreamWorks Animation into the juggernaut it is today. Several sequels and spinoffs followed the first film after its release in 2001. The first of these sequels was Shrek 2 in 2004, which featured the Fairy Godmother as the main villain.

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It’s important to note that the Fairy Godmother was unequivocally evil, and her end goal was incorrect. That being said, his argument that Shrek wasn’t cut out for the life he led wasn’t entirely wrong. It took a long time for him to leave old Shrek, which he finally did for his family.

6 Gallaxhar just wanted the Quantonium (Monsters vs. Aliens)

Gallaxhar plots to obtain the Quantonium

Monsters vs. aliens gave viewers exactly what the title promised, which was monsters fighting aliens. To be fair, they were mostly alien robots, but they were alien nonetheless. And it was a hell of a fight, with most of the heavy lifting being done by Ginormica.

Susan Murphy was transformed into Ginormica by a strange substance from outer space called Quantonium. Gallaxhar has come to Earth to find him and use the Quantonium for his nefarious purposes. But he was right in that humanity shouldn’t have access to it at all, depending on how they treated the monsters.

5 Stoick was initially right about dragons (How to Train Your Dragon)

Stoick listens to his son rant

The full scope of the How to train your dragon the franchise has expanded far beyond what anyone could have predicted. It started out as a relatively popular children’s book series and is now a true multimedia empire.

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In the first film, Stoick was the leader of the dragon-plagued Vikings. His son, Hiccup, saw the situation differently and was finally able to establish a cooperative relationship with the flaming beasts. But Stoick’s concerns about the dragons at first were justified as they competed for a limited food supply.

4 Pharaoh Ramses was blinded by power (the prince of Egypt)

Ramses talks to Moses

The prince of Egypt is a generally forgotten and underrated debut film for DreamWorks Animation. This 1998 version was an account from the Book of Exodus that focused on Moses and his journey to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. It is a favorite among many fans of classic animation.

Unsurprisingly, Pharaoh Ramses was the villain of the film. What was less expected was how much the character was in internal conflict. Ramses was right to want to take care of his county and his people. The problem was, he couldn’t see beyond the burden of leadership the reality of the pain it was causing.

3 Lord Shen wanted to unify China (Kung Fu Panda 2)

Lord Shen threatens his enemies

When a movie’s basic premise is for a panda to become a Kung Fu master, fans know there is inevitably fun to be had. It is the heart of the Kung Fu Panda franchise, which pits Po against various villains as well as expectations based on his appearance.

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In the second film, Po and his friends ended up facing off against Lord Shen, an evil peacock determined to rule all of China. He was not wrong to want to unify the country and give it a leader. But its violent methodology left a lot to be desired.

2 Captain DuBois had an update on escaped animals (Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted)

Captain DuBois hunts runaway zoo animals

The third Madagascar The film followed the gang of runaway zoo animals as they returned to New York City. Part of this trip was hitchhiking with a European circus. Unfortunately, they also picked up a new person following them, Captain DuBois.

She was an animal control officer and wanted to bring the animals from the zoo. DuBois was right about this, as a fleeing lion, hippo, giraffe, and zebra are not without danger to society as a whole. At the same time, his stated goal of killing them was truly overblown and unnecessary.

1 Tai Lung was designed to fail by Master Shifu (Kung Fu Panda)

Tai Lung attacks Po and Shifu

First Kung Fu Panda film, Po was selected by Master Oogway to be the next Dragon Warrior. Master Shifu disagreed but had to train him anyway. This did not suit Tai Lung, Shifu’s original protégé and the individual who believed himself to be the true Dragon Warrior.

It would be easy to write Tai Lung as arrogant and delusional. But Shifu raised Tai Lung by making him believe that he would be the greatest Kung Fu master of all time. And when Oogway disagreed, Shifu defeated his de facto son in battle and threw him in jail. Tai Lung was right to be angry with his mentor.

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