DreamWorks: 10 strong characters who started weak

Pixar and DreamWorks, and most animated films, often feature a main or supporting character who must undergo some sort of transformation to regain their confidence. Viewers become attached to these characters when they watch the transformation unfold onscreen, which could be caused by factors like encouragement from friends or solo trips.

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It’s always a heartwarming feeling to see once-banned characters become admired by almost everyone. These characters were once shy and lacking in bravery, before transforming into powerful animals or humans.

ten Po becomes a mighty warrior in Kung Fu Panda

Po about to eat a dumpling

Po is the adorable panda protagonist of DreamWork’s Kung Fu Panda franchise. The owner of a noodle and goose shop named Mr. Ping adopts Po after being separated from his family during a panda massacre.

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Grandmaster Oogway identifies Po as the Dragon Warrior to the surprise of many, given that they predicted that one of the Furious Five would be chosen. Po is initially incredibly clumsy during kung fu training, but proves himself after taking down the evil leopard, Tai Lung.

9 Donkey is a great sidekick for Shrek

Shrek and the donkey

Eddie Murphy voices Shrek’s animal companion, Donkey, during the Shrek series of films. The donkey constantly annoys Shrek and begs him to keep him because he feels lonely. A fire-breathing dragon traps Donkey after he and Shrek defeat Lord Farquaad’s men. Donkey manages to avoid any conflict with the dragon by complimenting her before Shrek saves him.

The donkey and the dragon end up having a relationship and together welcome several fire-breathing donkeys. The donkey also helps the huge gingerbread man at the castle of Shrek 2 and later transforms into a magnificent stallion.

8 Roddy escapes from the sewers in the flush

Dreamwork's Flushed Away.

Distant is a 2006 film that follows the life of a house rat named Roddy and his adventures in the sewers. Roddy is a spoiled rat who lives in Kensington, a middle-class district of London. Roddy is flushed down the toilet by a sewer rat and ends up in Ratropolis, which looks a lot like London.

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Roddy must find a way back to his home in Kensington and meets his sweetheart, Rita, who tries to help him in his quest. Roddy takes out a gang of frogs with Rita after saving her from Headmaster Toad. The couple live happily ever after on the boat, Jammy Dodger II.

seven Hiccups in How to Train Your Dragon

Hiccup and Toothless together in How to Train Your Dragon Dreamworks

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is the main protagonist of the How to train your dragon movie franchise. He is the incredibly clumsy son of Valka and the leader of the tribe, Stoick the Vast. Dragons are constantly attacking their village, causing locals to worry, considering Hiccup to be lanky and unable to fight. Hiccup wounds a dragon that he later befriends and names Toothless. Toothless teaches Hiccup the dragons, and together they slaughter a gigantic dragon named the Red Death. Their accomplishment leads the village to admire Harold and his crush, Astrid, for kissing him.

6 Turbo gets super speed from a Camaro

Theo the Incredibly Fast Moving Snail in Turbo Movie Dreamworks

Theo, who goes by the name Turbo, is the main protagonist of the 2013 DreamWork film Turbo. Turbo is a garden snail who lives in San Fernando Valley, Calif., But has high aspirations to become a runner, like his hero and five-time Indy 500 champion Guy Gagné.

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Turbo has an older brother named Chet, who constantly humiliates Turbo because he is obsessed with speed. The snail community ostracizes Turbo before its DNA fuses with nitrous oxide after a Chevrolet Camaro sucks it on the road. Turbo gets super fast by this freak accident and becomes a sensation on the internet.

5 Megamind shoots Hal with a defuser pistol

Megamind wearing his armor and smiling in Megamind

Will Ferrell is the originator of the character of Megamind, the main protagonist of the 2010 film of the same name. Megamind repeatedly stumbles upon his nemesis, Metro Man, which is based on the cult classic superhero Superman and voiced by Brad Pitt. Metro Man and Megamind are both sent to Earth as babies, but grow up with very different lifestyles. Megamind is raised by prisoners, while Metro Man grows up in luxury. Megamind shoots Hal Stewart with a serum that gives him superpowers.

However, not everything goes according to plan and Megamind saves the day by shooting Hal with a defuser pistol to release him from his powers.

4 Lenny is Don Lino’s sympathetic young son in Shark Tale

shark tale lenny

Jack Black voices Lenny, a vegetarian shark, in the 2004 DreamWork movie Shark story. While Lenny isn’t necessarily weak, he turns out to be a disappointment due to the differences between himself, his father, the Mafia boss named Don Lino, and his older brother Frankie. Lenny’s compassionate nature annoys his brother, especially when Lenny releases Oscar, resulting in his brother’s death. Lenny helps Oscar save his sweetheart, Angie, after Don Lino kidnaps her. Lenny and his father are reconciled when he learns that Frankie’s death was an accident.

3 Tighten is originally a geeky camerman in Megamind

Close eyes to the camera

Jonah Hill voices geek cameraman named Hal Stewart in Megamind, who works for famous reporter Roxanne Ritchi. Roxanne is a parody of Superman’s love interest, Lois Lane. Hal becomes a super villain named Tighten after being accidentally hit by Megamind’s serum in his headquarters. Tighten hopes this will finally capture Roxanne’s heart due to her newfound powers, but is disappointed to learn that a Megamind in disguise is dating her. Tighten defeats Megamind and takes control of the city before he is hit with a defuser pistol which brings him back to his old self.

2 Tiger starts out as a selfish pet above the hedge

Tiger the cat in Over the Hedge

Tiger is a Persian cat and a minor character from the 2006 film Above the limit. Tiger is incredibly pampered by his owner Gladys Sharp, who is also the president of the Neighborhood Home Owners Association. Gladys tries to get rid of the scavenger animal problem by hiring an exterminator, but fails.

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Tiger immediately falls in love with a skunk named Stella and finds himself caught in a net after pushing her away. After his owner’s arrest, Tiger joins the rest of the woodland creature family.

1 Jack Frost only likes to mess around at first

Jack Frost in Rise of the Guardians

Jackson Overland Frost, better known as Jack Frost, is the main protagonist of the 2012 DreamWork movie. Rise of the Guardians. The constant urge to mess things up is a major personality trait of Jack Frost. Jack does not follow Guardian rules and prefers to use his powers for entertainment. Jack finds a sense of importance in the custody of a child named Jamie, and it is Jamie who encourages him to accept the position of Keeper of Pleasure. Jack quickly becomes one of the most powerful guardians and experiences a rise in self-esteem.

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