Don Hahn and Mark Henn reflect on “Beauty and the Beast” production to mark the film’s 30th anniversary

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic Walt Disney Animation Studios The beauty and the Beast, producer Don Hahn and host Mark Henn reflect on the development of the film.

What is happening:

  • Acclaimed Producer Don Hahn and Host Mark Henn Celebrate 30th Anniversary of The beauty and the Beast in a new video shared by Disney +, entitled “Belle’s ballad and the story of The beauty and the Beast.”
  • In it, this creative duo describes the development process of one of Disney’s most beloved Princesses, Belle, and their experience working on Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 30th animated feature film, The beauty and the Beast.
  • In the video, the two share funny anecdotes about the development of the film, but specifically the character and appearance of Belle herself, as well as stories involving Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, and vocal talent Paige O’Hara. . The two also share the importance of the film being the first animated feature to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, bringing more respect to the art form that was once considered a side offering.
  • Many clips seen during this short video are from Beyond Beauty: The Untold Stories Behind the Creation of Beauty and the Beast, an almost hour-long documentary that debuted on the film’s Diamond Edition Home release in 2010, and has been featured on releases since then, and can also be viewed on digital copies, like those found on Movies Anywhere .
  • Beyond Beauty: The Untold Stories Behind the Creation of Beauty and the Beast is also available to stream on Disney +, but be aware that you need to head over to The beauty and the Beast and find it under the “extras” tab. From there, you’ll be able to see the elaborate stories of animators, executives, and historians as they reflect on the tumultuous beginnings of one of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ most successful films.
  • The beauty and the Beast is now streaming on Disney +.

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