Disney’s Encanto Has Even More Success From Lin-Manuel Miranda Disney Encanto Has Even More Success From Lin-Manuel Miranda


Unless you have lived under a rock, you know that Lin-Manuel Miranda is a musical genius and can’t write a bad song. The award-winning brain behind Hamilton and In the heights is the next gift to the world with eight original disney songs Encanto. And we know all of Miranda’s new songs are smash hits because the film’s creators struggled to name a favorite.

With a few months to go, the incredible team of Walt Disney Animation Studios working hard to put the finishing touches on the feature film Encanto. Disney was kind enough to take a look at some of the press, and I was completely blown away. Right off the bat it got me singing new Lin-Manuel Miranda songs, so I had to ask the creators their favorites when I spoke to them on behalf of CinemaBlend, and that turned out to be my most questionable question. hard! Director Byron Howard responded with the following:

I would say I have favorites for different reasons. The Family Madrigal song that starts the movie is probably the fastest song a Disney character has ever made, like in Disney history, it’s amazing. And Stephanie [Beatriz] nails it, and it’s so much fun to let off steam in this amazing city and meet the family members and just the color, variety and choreography. It’s a real peculiarity for me.

Encanto has a great cast, twelve members of the Madrigal family to be exact. They live in a magical house hidden in the mountains of Colombia, and each member of the family receives a magical gift when they come of age. Everyone except Mirabel, that is to say. The filmmakers needed a memorable way to present the characters and their gifts to the audience, and it was done with Mirabel’s opening song (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz) written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

There is a missing Madrigal family member, Bruno, whom the others do not talk about. Why they don’t discuss it is explored in the catchiest song which is my favorite (although I haven’t heard all songs again, so I reserve the right to change my mind), and a lot on the Encanto animation team. Producer Yvette Merino said:

It’s a loophole to say I love them all, but Bruno’s song from the moment it came in, We Don’t Talk About Bruno has always been one that I’m sort of sitting there on. and on which I move every time. All however. I do.

You can’t not dance to this song. I challenge you to try when you hear it. Director and co-writer Jared Bush gave more praise for Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s’ We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ while hyping another song. He said:

I won’t say Bruno, because you already said Bruno, but Bruno is definitely a huge standout. I will say that when we first heard Louisa’s song, Surface Pressure, from the start, Lin was like ‘I think the strong sister is all about reggaeton.’ And when he introduced this song, we were like, “Oh my God, this is so much fun.” It comes at a point in the movie where you need great comedy, huge fantasy. We have donkeys dancing. I mean, it’s, I don’t know how you can beat this song.

All of this is just about the genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda. Need to establish twelve characters in a three minute song? Ended. Need to give Luisa, a character with super strength, a fun number that showcases her gift while simultaneously displaying the emotional weight she carries? Ended. Is there something Miranda can’t do?

Lin-Manuel Miranda made me cry while watching Hamilton, by netflix Vivo, In the heights, and Moana, so I was already expecting cry at one point during Encanto. Co-director and co-writer Charise Castro Smith practically confirmed it would happen with these words:

The last song in the film is quite extraordinary. Lin was really able to combine many different themes from the whole movie into one song. And it’s just an amazing ensemble piece. So I really like this one.

You don’t have to wait long to thank Lin-Manuel Miranda for making more of your favorites. from disney Encanto is playing in theaters November 24. You’ll be singing and dancing to these hits in no time.

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